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SMART Conditioning

I’m always exploring the benefits of NASAL breathing and its positive impact on CO2 tolerance, cardiac output, mood, and mental clarity. I’ve been coaching this short conditioning super-set as a “finisher” to my training sessions lately, and my clients are LOVING it! The cooldown/transition is also a BIG hit:)

This short conditioning session is beneficial for many reasons:

- It will help improve your AEROBIC POWER and CAPACITY (build a bigger and more efficient engine)

- You don’t need a lot of equipment and both moves today are simply bodyweight

- It will improve athleticism by teaching you to yield to gravity and overcome gravity in ways that support the resiliency of your connective tissues. (HAPPY JOINTS!)

- It will stimulate FAT METABOLISM and BUILD MUSCLE by breaking down glucose and tapping into fat stores while causing break down of tissues for rebuilding.

💥If you haven’t moved in a while or never for that matter, I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND that you be ASSESSED by a professional FIRST! Because if you’re not being assessed, then your training is just being GUESSED;) And if you’re new to my approach to strength and longevity…try my Updated Lazy Moves FIRST.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/clear space -Timer/Stopwatch


-Sturdy Upright


Here’s what you’re gonna do:

-Set a timer for 10-20 minutes

-Move between each exercise resting as/when necessary for the time allotted




-Use a HIGH enough secure table or countertop, so that a typical “push-up” would be EASY.

-Be in your forefoot. Knees unlocked. Elbows off your rib cage slightly.

-Torso fwd/up so that shoulders are positioned over your hands.

-LOWER your torso about 1/2 way down and HOLD POSITION WITHOUT your HEAD sinking between your neck and shoulders.

HOLD position and BREATH:

-NASAL INHALE/EXHALE: 3 count each x 6-8 breaths


-Hang on to upright securely (SOFT elbows!) -Push yourself backward -Knees UNLOCKED -HEAVY HEELS -HIPS move BACKWARDS as your TORSO moves FORWARD/DOWNWARD

💡Maintain torso position throughout (think ESCALATOR!)

-Come to a COMPLETE STOP on your chair! NASAL INHALE: move downward

NASAL EXHALE: move upward

Repeat: 8-12x

Cool-Down/Transition: Sit or lie down comfortably for 3-5 minutes and practice SLOW NASAL breathing mechanics: - NASAL INHALE: 4 counts - HOLD YOUR BREATH: 7 counts - NASAL EXHALE: 8 counts

Enjoy FEELING GOOD and “WORKED” after this one! 🤗 Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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