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Online Personal Training...Done Well!

What My Remote Training is NOT:

  • No pre-recorded videos. We do not give you an exercise library!

  • No one-size-fits-all approach.

  • No on-demand workouts made for anyone.

What My Remote Training IS:

  • Training sessions start with a complimentary assessment with Senior Trainer, Mike Romano. The assessment provides the information needed to tailor your workouts to your unique body, needs, and goals. 

  • After determining your schedule, you'll have direct, personalized contact with Mike. Live sessions will take place via Zoom (with all necessary security precautions in place).

  • Sessions are approximately 40-45 minutes and are concentrated and efficient. Read more about our approach here.

What You Need For Remote Training:

  • Approximately 6' x 4' open space 

  • A wall you can use

  • A mat (yoga mat or a more cushioned mat for hard floors)

  • Chair

  • Optional, but useful (we can talk about specifics after the assessment):

    • Weights​

    • Exercise bands

    • Yoga block or ball

    • Jump rope

Pricing for Training with Mike Romano:

  • All sessions are 45 minutes.

  • Private $140/session. Purchased in blocks of 8 sessions.

Reviews For Online Training:

After years of in person training sessions with Mike Romano the thought of working online via zoom seemed a bit less than ideal, but I was wrong. Our zoom sessions are as challenging and focused to my strengths and weaknesses as ever. A few props in my home (mat, chair, weight and towel) and my cellphone allows him to see and coach with the same impact as an in person session. I feel refreshed and invigorated after the sessions, with no travel. Online work and visiting is our new reality and Mike has accommodated his clients with this service. It works perfectly for me!  

                                                                                                                                                                    Jane M.

Actually, since mid- March, my workout has been alone on a yoga mat on my kitchen floor.  My coach Mike arrives right on time as a voice and image on my iPhone, aided by a Zoom meeting app. Whether repeating a familiar exercise or trying a new one, Mike can still assess whether my position and gesture are correct. Before the pandemic, my focus was on improving coordination and balance as well as endurance. That’s still true even though my sessions are now guided through my cell phone. Thanks to Mike’s patience and insight, I have made real progress in coordinated movement and strength. I even have developed a personal language to describe movement and gesture. This is not an easy time to manage an activity like guided exercise but these virtual sessions really work. Besides, who knew that one could develop a sweat by looking at an iPhone?                                                                                                                                                                                          Aaron A.

My workout routine pre-pandemic with Mike Romano was consistent and I was able to carve out "me time" to stay healthy and fit.  Over the past year everything basically fell apart.  Life and our new routines with work, kids, school, and basically everything else changed.  And with all of these changes, the "me time" to stay healthy and fit all but disappeared too.  Over the past month, I have been able to carve out 45-minutes of time each week to start reclaiming some semblance of normal and finally begin to take care of myself again.  As a direct result of working with Mike over the past month, I feel stronger, healthier and finally on the path back to creating a consistent workout routine.  The virtual small group class he formed allows him to pay meticulous attention to each student and coach them exactly where they are at physically while always motivating me to do a little more than last time.  If you are struggling to find a new workout routine that fits in with your "new normal" like me, call Mike Romano of Longevity Fitness in Millburn to help you get back your "me time".                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rhee

I have been working with Mike Romano virtually in order to develop some strength and have found it very helpful. He is very conscious of each person’s needs and limitations and makes adjustments as needed. Working with Mike has been great and I highly recommend it.  


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