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As a 25 year member of Longevity Personal Fitness, I have nothing but high praise for their trainers sincerity, care and dedication to their clients. Their high standards and practices are responsible for my increased strength, endurance, and balance. Their personal training guarantees a exceptional experience.

Sue M.

I just need to say Susie and Longevity Personal Fitness are the BEST! I have training with Susie for 26 years. Everyday is a new day and thanks to her and this gym I feel great. I may be older but definitely better. Thank you Susie.

Bonnie G.

Joining Longevity Personal Fitness last year was one of the best decisions I ever made, for both my physical and mental wellbeing. After decades of working out by myself, I now enjoy a better full body exercise experience. Moreover, I achieve superior results in half the time I previously spent in the gym. The personal attention and positive atmosphere from their staff of consummate fitness professionals is exceptional and a great start or end to any day. 

David. J.

"I count on Longevity Personal Fitness to help keep my body going in my senior years. I have muscles for the first time in my life! All of the trainers are great at grading the exercises, starting at your level and progressing appropriately. I would never exercise at this level on my own. I know I'm making an investment in my well-being."


April M.

I have nothing but high praise for the team at Longevity Personal Fitness. I am 49 years old, and have been training with Joe for the past five years, and in that time I have experienced noticeable improvements in strength, endurance, flexibility, agility and overall fitness. Joe makes the workouts fun yet challenging, always varying the exercises to emphasize different parts of the body while avoiding the monotony of a set routine, paying particular attention to form and technique. I would definitely recommend Longevity Personal Fitness, and especially Joe, to anyone looking for a fulfilling workout experience.

Josh N.

"Mike, owner and senior trainer at Longevity Personal Fitness, is a "Miracle Man." Here's why. At 81, I've been working with Mike since June 2015. In that short period of time, he's helped me make big strides in breathing, posture, power, strength,and balance. He's tailored each exercise to meet my needs. I didn't think I had it in me to improve the way I have. Mike demonstrates, explains, watches my every move, gives positive reinforcement and responds to my feedback. He's kind, caring, and easy to talk to. After each session I leave feeling stronger, healthier, younger, and in better shape to deal with all my daily activities. Thank you, Mike."

Judith G.

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