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Mike Romano’s Longevity Personal Fitness is as special and personal and holistic as it gets. His training has changed many lives with his gentle but directed and motivational care. He manages to get results. As a physician myself, i consider him a fellow traveler in the healing arts. Go and make an appointment as i did and let Mike get to know you. You will profit from his personal touch. His vast knowledge of body mechanics is rivaled only by his ability to bring along your mind and your soul.

Joshua S.

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Mike is the ultimate professional when it comes to training an individual needs. Each program is specifically tailored to the individuals age and abilities. In my case, Mike is an exceptional professional because I am blind and he needs to work and think in a very different fashion. I give him my highest recommendation.

Cliff A.

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Deciding to train with Mike remotely during the height of Covid was one of the best decisions I ever made, for both my physical and mental wellbeing. After decades of working out by myself, I now enjoy an amazing full-body exercise experience. Moreover, I achieve superior results in half the time I previously spent in the gym working alone or in a class setting.

Mike’s personal attention to detail and everything going on with my body, along with his non-judgemental approach creates an amazing experience for me. He is the consummate fitness professional and a great start or end to any day.

Gail C.

Over a period of 5 years postpartum, I have struggled with back pain and issues with my pelvic floor. I have tried EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. Mike changed all that. My back hasn’t felt this good in years and my pelvic floor issues are pretty much gone. His expertise and years of experience make the difference. My training is thoughtful, challenging, and all about me:) Mike is smart, kind, and patient. I totally recommend him!

Stephanie L.

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“I have been working with Mike at Longevity personal training for about six months and it has been a very positive experience. Mike is personable and very knowledgeable with regard to what techniques are best for the individual. He listens and works closely with you to come up with the best program for your needs. The studio is clean, comfortable, and conveniently located. I walk out of every session feeling good, lighter on my feet, and walking taller. I highly recommend Mike if you are considering a personal training program!

Mark N.

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Mike, owner and senior trainer at Longevity Personal Fitness, is a "Miracle Man." Here's why. At 81, I've been working with Mike since June 2015. In that short period of time, he's helped me make big strides in breathing, posture, power, strength, and balance. He's tailored each exercise to meet my needs. I didn't think I had it in me to improve the way I have. Mike demonstrates, explains, watches my every move, gives positive reinforcement, and responds to my feedback. He's kind, caring, and easy to talk to. After each session, I leave feeling stronger, healthier, younger, and in better shape to deal with all my daily activities. Thank you, Mike.

Judith G.

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Joining Longevity Personal Fitness last year was one of the best decisions I ever made, for both my physical and mental wellbeing. After decades of working out by myself, I now enjoy a better full-body exercise experience. Moreover, I achieve superior results in half the time I previously spent in the gym. The personal attention and positive atmosphere from their staff of consummate fitness professionals are exceptional and a great start or end to any day. 

David J.

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I count on Longevity Personal Fitness to help keep my body going in my senior years. I have muscles for the first time in my life! All of the trainers are great at grading the exercises, starting at your level, and progressing appropriately. I would never exercise at this level on my own. I know I'm making an investment in my well-being.


April M.

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Mike is wonderful to work with. He gives me his full attention during each session and truly listens to understand my needs. His approach is thoughtful, methodical, and kind. Most importantly, he is EFFECTIVE! Mike takes a holistic view of health and wellness and I've learned so much beyond how to deal with my back pain.


Mark R.

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As a 25 year member of Longevity Personal Fitness, I have nothing but high praise for their trainer's sincerity, care, and dedication to their clients. Their high standards and practices are responsible for my increased strength, endurance, and balance. Their personal training guarantees an exceptional experience.


Sue M.

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Michael is a great trainer, who really takes your needs, goals, and abilities into account when creating a custom regimen for you. He's very professional, and thinks holistically, even down to your breathing. Most of all, he's very personable, making every session enjoyable.


Mike P.

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I never thought working out with a personal trainer would reap such a high reward. Michael listened to my needs, concerns, and goals and created a customized program geared to general strengthening while focusing on my back. Not seeking to merely create a routine, Michael is always monitoring my progress and modifying our workouts as he determines what is best to proceed. He is concerned and careful and goes at the pace that works best. Before I started working out with Michael I was in discomfort. I now feel amazing. I look forward to each session. I can’t say enough about Michael and highly recommend him.


Randi S.

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Mike is an amazing trainer and has a completely new approach to fitness. He understands the weaknesses and strengths of an individual and ensures every exercise takes that into account. I really enjoy the sessions and actually, look forward to them. He pushes you to do your best but at the same time not too much to injure you in any way. Within a few weeks of getting started I feel stronger!

Ishrat F.

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I started with Mike to get my body back together postpartum. It’s been great! He has a really insightful approach to personal training - he actually knows what he’s going so the training is precise rather than brutal. I leave the sessions feeling stronger and healthier than when I started, and I don’t dread going like I did when I did personal training at other places in the past. Highly recommend but please don’t take my time slot :)

Kathy S.

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Mike is accurate with his assessment and is quick to make adjustments to help with the exercises. Mike is very knowledgeable and suggests a variety of exercises to help deal with a specific set of muscles in the body, which makes the sessions enjoyable and interesting.


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