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The KEY to Optimal Function: LET GO of Tension!

When it comes to doing the things we want to do and love…exercise and activities like golf, tennis, pickleball…even walking…most, if not all, of our ATTENTION is focused on our “OUTPUT” and creating TENSION (think: how much can you lift, how fast you can run or walk, or how hard you can hit the ball, etc).

But what about the ability to “LET GO”? For A LOT of folks, it’s one of the HARDEST attributes to develop.

Since how you move is how you move through life…why not move with greater ease, coordination, and strength?

By improving your awareness and connection with your unique tensions, habits, and tendencies, you can develop new ways of moving…to live the life you want.

The way I define this “ABILITY”…is being your BEST “LAZY” self. Moving SLOWLY and EFFORTLESSLY as possible….RESISTING the urge to finish a particular move.

The ability to let go of tension is the KEY to optimal function, performance, and recovery. It’s a NECESSITY for results in and out of the gym.

And if you know me at all, then you know how much I struggle with all my “stuff” and on my worse days, my ability to let go is quite a challenge.

What I have for you today is an UPDATED VERSION of my favorite LAZY MOVES at the moment. I’ve changed #4:) Check it out below 👇

My original "Be Your BEST LAZY Self" moves can be found HERE.

If you haven’t moved in a while...or maybe not at all...start with the first move and practice it for 4-6 weeks and then progress to the next, etc.

Remember: DAILY PRACTICE is KEY to moving and feeling better. LET GO of any JUDGEMENT and get ready to move and feel better simultaneously!

Thank you Zac Cupples for the inspiration behind these moves 💪

Here’s what you’re gonna need:

-Comfortable/Clear space

-Maybe something for your head and neck

-Foam Roller or something that rolls easily



-Find the MOST COMFORTABLE position on your RIGHT SIDE



Continue with NASAL ONLY breathing:

-Normal breaths x 4-6


Let’s ROLL!

2) PTS Roll

-Lie on your RIGHT side

-Feet/legs stacked. Arms straight but relaxed. Your BEST LAZY SELF! -Here’s what you’re gonna do: Start bottom up. Each section spend approximately 2-3 min. Be EFFORTLESS…like you’re doing NOTHING! 💥 PELVIS/HIPS (BLUE ARROW):

Start with your LEFT LEG bone. Slide it in/out of your back LEFT hip pocket. Should feel a SUBTLE stretch in your back LEFT hip pocket. Should feel NOTHING in low back! 💥 RIB CAGE (RED ARROW):

LEFT thumb on sternum/Grasp BOTTOM RIGHT SIDE rib cage. (Not shown in photo) - Slowly/Easily roll your rib cage BACKWARD. Should feel NOTHING in low back or base/top side neck! 💥 SHOULDER (YELLOW ARROW): - Reach LEFT ARM same length as BOTTOM RIGHT ARM. - Palms together and touching. - Slide LEFT ARM bone in/out of LEFT shoulder blade.

Should feel a SUBTLE stretch in upper back area. Should feel NOTHING in left side neck! FULL MOUTH EXHALE NASAL ONLY breathing during each movement!


Lower Body:

-Lie on your RIGHT SIDE. Head/Neck comfortable. -Place LEFT INNER THIGH on the roller which is parallel to you (LEFT FOOT stays in contact with the floor!) -UPPER BODY is comfortable and remains quiet throughout -Your BEST LAZY SELF! BELLY RELAXED! Be EFFORTLESS as you roll! -NASAL ONLY breathing! -FULL MOUTH EXHALE to start -INHALE: ✔️LEFT KNEE move SLOWLY, EASILY forward ✔️LEFT HIP follows ✔️SACRUM is next ✔️LOWER BACK finishes the movement -EXHALE: return to starting position -Repeat:12x


Lie on your RIGHT SIDE. Head/Neck comfortable.

-Position LEFT LEG in a bent position over right leg. Knees below hips. Right leg is straight.

-Position foam roller almost parallel to your body.

-RIGHT ARM comfortable. Palm up!

-Place LEFT WRIST on foam roller palm down. 💥 Hand BELOW shoulder! -Your BEST LAZY SELF! BELLY RELAXED! Be EFFORTLESS as you roll! -NASAL ONLY breathing! -FULL MOUTH EXHALE to start -INHALE: ✔️LEFT ARM initiates move by rolling forward and away from your body ✔️LEFT SHOULDER BLADE follows ✔️Lastly TRUNK. NO NECK! -EXHALE: return to starting position -Repeat: 12x

💥NEW #4 SAME SIDE ROLLING💥 - Start on your back - HEAD/FOOT of the straight leg STAY ON THE GROUND! - Place SAME SIDE HAND on KNEECAP (NO SLACK in your arm!) - Reach OPPOSITE ARM across your rib cage and grab onto your side/back best you can - Use your HEAD and BODY to TURN TOWARDS CONNECTED SIDE! ✔️INHALE: Rolling

✔️LONG SIGHING EXHALE: Return Repeat: 8-10X/SIDE

Enjoy MOVING and FEELING better afterwards! Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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