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Longevity Smart Moves: CO2 Finisher!

As I continue to explore the benefits of NASAL breathing, and its positive impact on CO2 tolerance, cardiac output, mood, and mental clarity. I’ve been coaching this short conditioning super-set as a “finisher” to my training sessions. Clients are LOVING it! And, it’s a great fit for your #athomeworkouts and/or #vacationworkouts as well.

Here’s how it works:

You’re going to be exposed to an “intense stimulus” (March/Skip In-Place) for 60 seconds followed immediately by holding an “isometric position” (Bear/Side-lying position) for 30 seconds. This is repeated every 2 minutes for 12 minutes.

Here’s what you’re gonna need:

- Comfortable/clear space

- Timer/Stopwatch

- A block, small towel, or small ball

- Mat?

That’s it!


Moving well means maintaining a “STACKED” position…your head, over your shoulders, over your hips. The challenge here is to keep your breath under control. Do your best NOT to allow the work to force you into “sloppy” breathing. Stay measured and focused.

Of course, STOP!…if something hurts or you don’t feel well at any point.

Here’s what you’re gonna do

March/Skip In-Place: MOUTH EXHALE!

- Stand with ease. Feet hip width apart.

- Move in an opposite arm/leg pattern as demonstrated

- MOUTH EXHALE: like you’re blowing through a straw! (make some NOISE!)

Skip In-Place: executed same as above. If you’re looking for an EXTRA challenge!


🤸‍♂️Loosey-Goosey body type: Bear Position (Knees/No Knees)

- All fours. Feet flexed. Knees under your hips. Hands under your shoulders.

- SUBTLE TUCK of your hips (gently pull back pockets towards your heels)

💥1 FULL MOUTH EXHALE: Gently push ground away with shoulder/arms (GET ABS!)

No Knees: executed same as above. If you’re looking for an EXTRA challenge!


🏋🏻Super-Tight body type: Side-lying Lift/Roll (Hips/No Hips)

- Lie on your side (alt side EACH round)

- Something between your knees (DON’T SQUEEZE!)

- Down shoulder, arm, and hand in one line. Look at down hand.

💥1 FULL MOUTH EXHALE: gently push ground away with downside upper body

No Hips: executed same as above. If you’re looking for an EXTRA challenge!

Let’s MOVE! Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes:

- 60 seconds: Standing In-Place March or for an extra challenge Skip


- 30 seconds: Loosey-Goosey (Bear position)/Super-Tight (Side-lying position)


- 30 seconds: REST! (BREATHE any way you want)

💥Repeat every 2 minutes for 12 minutes (6 rounds!)

Cool-Down/Transition: Sit or lie down comfortably for 3-5 minutes and practice SLOW NASAL breathing mechanics.

- NASAL INHALE: 4 counts

- HOLD YOUR BREATH: 7 counts

- NASAL EXHALE: 8 counts

Let me know how you feel afterwards.

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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