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Do I have to do this FOREVER?

From time to time, a question I get asked by my clients is: “Hey Mike, do I need to do these exercises forever?”


My answer usually is: “MAYBE.” 


That’s because for sustainable results…as in positive outcomes for our health and longevity… it requires our compliance long term by putting in the HARD WORK.


And that might just mean in perpetuity.


Interestingly, NO ONE ever asks me, “If I go to the gym to get strong…how long do I have to work out until I’m strong enough, so I no longer have to work out anymore?” NOBODY. EVER.


If it sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is.


It’s understood that strength is something we have to maintain over time. But what about our ability to do certain things to be capable of living our life?


The same is true with the stuff that we want to do every day. 


We need the influence of these exercises because, structurally, we all have other influences or CONSTRAINTS that drive us in the opposite direction. And those constraints are keeping us from doing the things we want to do…especially as we age:)


So, long story short…some of these exercises are just something we’ll have to do forever because it’s just part of who we are. And I’m no different than you;) So, this move today will help you do just that…and it’s actually an updated version. CHECK IT OUT 👇 


Here’s what you’re gonna need:

-Clear/Comfortable/Quiet space

-Yoga Block

-Something for your head and neck 


-Silent Nasal INHALE: You SHOULDN’T Hear Yourself!

-Open Mouth Sighing EXHALE: Slow. Long. Easy. Relaxed. Soft. 

Check out my video below. Sound ON!  🔊

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

-Lie on your side with the Yoga Block at chest height (NOT under your armpit!)

-Roll forward until you feel some weight on your OUTSIDE BOTTOM KNEE

-BOTTOM ARM is as relaxed as possible

-Side bends over the block.

🔑Be COMPLETELY RELAXED on the block as possible

-Head/Neck comfortable 

-Reach your TOP LEG forward (By slightly rolling forward). Keep your TOP FOOT in front of your bottom ankle.

-Reach your TOP ARM overhead, upward, aligning with your body (Palm forward)

-Quiet NASAL INHALE. As you softly mouth exhale, melt into the block comfortably and reach SUBTLY overhead.

🔑Focus on melting into the block while exhaling 

-Practice:4-5rds x 5-7 breaths/each side x 1-2x DAILY

Notice how you move and feel afterward. Lighter? Looser? Any different at all?

Practice DAILY as part of your EVERYDAY routine and enjoy feeling better afterward!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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