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Longevity Smart Moves: #anywhereworkout

If you’re SMART and SERIOUS about making ongoing, lifestyle changes to keep you strong and able to live the life YOU want...then CONSISTENCY is key.

This strength and conditioning circuit combines the benefits of “Old School” calisthenics and CO2 tolerance. A great fit for your #athomeworkouts and/or #vacationworkouts anywhere…anytime.


Warm-up with my Longevity Daily Practice: Your STACK and EXHALE!

Moving well means maintaining a “STACKED” position…your head, over your shoulders, over your hips. The challenge here is to keep your breath under control. Do your best NOT to allow the work to force you into “sloppy” breathing. Stay measured and focused.

Of course, STOP! 🛑 if something hurts or you don’t feel well at any point.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Comfortable/clear space

- Clock/timer

- Chair

- Maybe a mat

- Maybe a cushion or pillow for behind your neck/head. That’s it!

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

💥Each round should take less than 5 minutes. Use the remaining time to rest and breathe purposely.

Every 5 minutes for 15 minutes you're going to perform the following:


- Stand with ease. Feet hip-width apart.

- Move in an opposite arm/leg pattern as demonstrated (opposite knee to elbow)

- MOUTH EXHALE: like you’re blowing through a straw! (make some NOISE!)

(10 reps/side) Lateral Squats: NASAL ONLY Breathing

- Stand tall. Feet straight ahead/wider than hips

- Arms across the chest

- NASAL EXHALE: squat to one side (nose, zipper, knee, big toe in one line)

- NASAL INHALE: back to the center

✔️Perform all reps to one side, then switch!

(10 reps) Squat Thrusts: NASAL INHALE/MOUTH EXHALE

- Make sure the chair is secure!

- Fold at your hips (push them back)

- Grab chair with a secure grip

- Jump feet backwards comfortably (DO NOT LET HIPS SAG/STRAIGHT LINE EAR TO ANKLE!) (MOUTH EXHALE: like you’re blowing through a straw! Make some NOISE!)

- Jump back in and return to stand (NASAL INHALE)

(1 minute) Dead-bug ISO: NASAL ONLY Breathing

- Pelvic TUCK (lower back kissing the ground)

- MOUTH EXHALE: knees/hips bent. Feet off ground. Reach arms LONG!

- Accumulate as many NASAL breaths as possible (lengthen your EXHALE here!)

Keep your attention on smooth and controlled breathing for each move and position.

Remember…work with what you can do. Let me know how you feel afterwards.

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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