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Your Mindful Move #5: Side-Lying

Hi Fam! If you’re anything like me, you’re not moving as much as you would like. And that’s ok. This is where we are right now and might be for a while. I hear it over and over, “I’m not moving enough." We blame and shame ourselves incessantly. I think all the biometrics available to us, watches, rings, and the like, don’t help, especially if you're in a difficult “space." Try to let the judgement go. It never helps. Walking is great. It’s convenient, effective to a degree, and gets us outdoors. As I try and age gracefully and coach others to do so, I find my easy, longer walks (30-60 minutes), helps significantly in my recovery. I just feel better afterwards, especially if I’m able to get out in nature. That being said, walking is not enough. If we struggle with chronic tightness, soreness, pain, and feel unbalanced and/or weak when we walk, then we have to be more diligent and purposeful with our movement effort. We have to pay attention. We have to get stronger. And, keep in mind, movement just for movement's sake or lifting weights just to lift them won’t give us the most bang for our movement effort. So if you’re anything like me lately, tight, stiff and maybe struggle to breath in positions on your back or all fours, give this new move a shot. It’s actually my favorite position. I find that I’m able to breath easier in it. All you’ll need is some comfortable space. Setting up is key. Here’s what you’re gonna do:

  • Lie on your side and make sure your head and neck are comfortable and supported

  • Legs stacked on top of one another with knees bent

  • Hips higher than your knees

  • Bring your belt buckle to your chin. I want you to think about making your tailbone LONG.

  • Top arm in front of your torso. Palm down.

  • EXHALE: LONG sighing breath (longer than you would normally exhale). I want you to feel a little uncomfortable and get some ab tension at the end of it. If you don’t, exhale LONGER!

  • As you exhale, push the ground away gently, sensing yourself moving away from it, using your underside elbow and top hand.

  • Hold this position and breathe in this position: 2-3 rounds x 5-7 breaths/side

  • Do this daily!

It takes some effort to feel better and be able to access your body all at the same time. But you’re TOTALLY worth it! Then go for a walk:) Until next time. Move better. Feel better. Mike


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