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Your Mindful Move #4: Knee to Chest 90/90

We’re all sitting and standing more these days. Either is not a problem. The issue is if that’s all we've got. Meaning your body can’t “shape shift.” We all need movement options and the more the better as we age. Getting up and walking around is great, but to get even more bang for your effort try this mindful move. You’ll not only feel better and move better, but you’ll be present in the moment. How bout that! You’re gonna have to pay attention. Check out the video below. Try it! Let me know how you feel afterward.

All you’ll need is some comfortable space, chair, and maybe something for your head.

Setting up is KEY:

  • Belly relaxed

  • Heel dig down into chair. Get hamstrings.

  • Belt buckle to belly button. Lower back HEAVY against the ground.

  • Bring one knee to chest and breathe. 2-3 rounds x 5-7 breaths/side.

  • Do this daily, multiple times per day.

Feel better and access your body all at the same time! Questions? Happy to help.


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