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You DON’T need another workout…TRY THIS!

This short session, great for this time of year, will build USABLE STRENGTH and MUSCLE. You'll be able-bodied with the strength and the power to move and feel you can do what you want and love to do every day.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/clear space -Sturdy Upright -Chair/Ottoman -Book/Yoga Block/Small ball -Timer Here’s what you’re gonna do: ✔️Complete as many rounds of this circuit as possible in 20 minutes: -Move between each exercise, resting as/when necessary -Complete all exercises with your BEST TECHNIQUE! ✔️SET UP: Breathing during each exercise:

➡️WIDER RIB CAGE: Pursed Lips


Check out my video below. 🔊 Sound ON!

1) DYNAMIC BEAR x 6-8 -Start on all fours (Knees on ground) -Feet flexed. Knees under hips. Hands under soft elbows

✔️ SET UP: Reach arms long without crunching or shrugging and a full mouth exhale to let your ribs come down -Keep KNEES UNLOCKED entire time -NASAL INHALE: Reach arms long and push hips backward and upward behind you. Pushing through the outside palm hell of each hand. -Your EXHALE: Return to start

2) BOX SQUAT x 10-15 -NASAL INHALE: Sit back and down -Your EXHALE: Come to stand. Pressure on the INSIDE HEEL and BASE of the BIG TOE!

🔑 Be an ESCALATOR throughout! -Knees remain unlocked. Hips move back/down. RIGHT LEG elevated on book/block. -Rest/Pause on what you have -Look about 10ft ahead -Try not to use your arms!

3) SKIPS IN PLACE x 4-6/side


-Opposite ARM/LEG pattern

-Start with 1 each side. Progress to 2. Slowly work your way to 3. SMART!

☝️As demonstrated in video above

4) WALL SQUAT x 60s

-Yoga block/Small ball between knees. DON’T SQUEEZE!

-1.5 foot lengths away from the wall. Pressure on the INSIDE HEEL and BASE of the BIG TOE!

-Slide down, allowing knees to come forward center foot. About a THIRD of the way down.

-Reach arms long without crunching or shrugging and downward

-Hold this position and breathe for time allotted (NASAL INHALE. Your EXHALE.)

Cool Down/Transition: Slow NASAL breathing -Sit or lie down comfortably for 3-5 minutes and practice just following your breath.

Enjoy feeling good and “worked” after this one!

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