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Want ABS? Try This Longevity Move! The Cross Connect Roll

Our bodies are basically “wired” for how we’re gonna move by the end of puberty. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn new skills or moves as we age…it just requires a hell of a lot more work:) That said, we can all become better movers. The rigid or Super - Tight folks, like myself, struggle because of a dramatically reduced range of motion…think stiff, tight…like everywhere. The chaotic or Loosey - Goosey folks, struggle with controlling their bodies while moving. Both types are uniquely limited in their ability to move and in their susceptibility to injury. As a coach, my goal for you is to expose you to as much movement and recapture as much motion as possible… thus we spend a lot of time on what I consider to be the staple movements geared towards your body type. So…you want to move and feel better…AND YOU WANT ABS? Then this MOVE is for YOU!

Check it out! Here’s what you’ll need... - Comfortable/clear space (for room to roll!) - Maybe a mat - Maybe a cushion or pillow for behind your neck/head That’s it! 🏋️ Super - Tight: Pursed Lip exhale (blowing out birthday candles) 🤸‍♂️Loosey- Goosey: LONG Sighing exhale (fogging a glass). Here’s what you’re gonna do... FIRST and FOREMOST you HAVE TO STACK = Subtle Posterior Pelvic Tilt + Your Exhale... - Pelvic TUCK (Un-arch lower back) - EXHALE (Specific to your build) - 3-5 sec pause (HOLD your breath/can you feel the slight ab tension?) - INHALE with that ab tension! - REACH (Keep shoulders off the floor. NO NECK!) Practice: Inhale with ab tension. Exhale & Reach x 10 full breaths

Cross Connect Roll: - Lie flat. One arm comfortably overhead. - Tuck. - EXHALE: Bring opposite knee and elbow as close together as possible across your midline. - INHALE (Rolling) ✔️ Overhead palm facing up towards the ceiling ✔️Eyes/head turning comfortably and you're looking over top shoulder at the ceiling - EXHALE (Unroll) ✔️Turn overhead palm down ✔️Return to starting position. Head comfortable. 🧠 Repeat: 6 reps/side x 2-3rds This move works great on a recovery day (you should have 2-3/week), or in your warm-up/cool down. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike


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