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VIDEO: How To Strengthen Your Core

Hi fam! Did you know that there are studies that have determined being able to STAND UP from the GROUND from multiple positions was “remarkably predictive” of physical strength, flexibility, and coordination? YEP! It’s true. It’s no secret, at least not here, that as we get older our abilities get taken away from us. It’s insidious really. But we only realize it when we start losing stuff. For me, I know all too well how that works. When I collapsed last June after a sprinting session, I was like, “What the hell just happened?” The stories I began telling myself...WOW! Did my genetics finally catch up to me? Did the abuse I put my body through decades earlier, finally catch up to me? Did LIFE finally catch up to me?

Seven months later and now fully recovered, truth be told it’s a little of “all the above”. And that experience for me just reinforced and reaffirmed my approach to exercise and movement.

MOVE well FIRST. SLOW DOWN. PAY ATTENTION to your breath and your body. It’s been my experience all these 57 years, 33 of them coaching others, that maintaining high levels of body strength, power, flexibility, and coordination are not only important for performing daily activities but have a favorable influence on life expectancy. I am CONVINCED that just PAYING ATTENTION to our breath and body brings more competence and safety to our daily life. Strength and being capable in your life takes PRACTICE!!! And the more “options” you have...the better your life will be:) Try this move out and pay attention to what feels good and what doesn’t.

Remember: START WHERE YOU ARE. DO WHAT YOU CAN. ☄️MOVE SAFELY: Go as far as you can safely... Maybe at first, just move to your knees. As you become stronger, more able, move onto one knee. Then try to come to stand. PROGRESS takes as long as it takes folks…You have to earn it! Here’s what you’re gonna do... Start with your Longevity Reset: Exhale with a LONG sighing breath (fogging a glass)... Exhaling x 10 Exhale with a Pause x 10 (feel that small tension in your lower abs?) Exhale with Ab Tension: 3 x 2 Hip Tucking/Untucking x 10/each way Hip Lift x 12 Then GET BACK UP! ⚡️ Start on the ground, on your back ⚡️Get back up to standing moving to your right side, then perform the same move to your left side (Get up from BOTH SIDES!) ⚡️Perform 2 rounds on each side (Right/Left) - Round 1: 2 Hands - Round 2: 1 Hand NOTICE: Is there a difference between your right and left sides and between 1 hand and 2?

Let me know how it goes afterward. I’d love to hear from you!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,



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