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Travel Strength Circuit

MOVE better and FEEL better while TRAVELING? YES! So, if you’re SERIOUS about making ongoing, lifestyle changes to keep you strong and able to do the things you want to do and love...then this circuit is for you. Take it with you anywhere...use it anytime!

Here’s what you’ll need:

- Comfortable/clear space - Clock/timer - Maybe a mat - Maybe a cushion or pillow for behind your neck/head That’s it!

For this circuit, I want you to breathe (EXHALE) and REACH in your own unique manner based on your unique “body type”.

🤸‍♂️Loosey-Goosey: LONG sighing exhale (fogging a glass). REACH up vertically.

🏋️Super Tight: PURSED LIP exhale (blowing out birthday candles). REACH overhead.

Here’s what you’re gonna do... 💯FIRST and FOREMOST you HAVE TO STACK= Subtle Posterior Pelvic Tilt + Your Exhale...

- Pelvic TUCK (Un-arch lower back) - EXHALE (Specific to your build) - 3-5 sec pause (HOLD your breath/can you feel the slight ab tension?) - INHALE with that ab tension! - REACH (Keep shoulders off the floor. NO NECK!)

🎯 Practice: Inhale with ab tension > Exhale > Reach x 10 full breaths

Travel Strength Circuit: 15- 30-minute running clock... As many rounds as possible in allotted time. Rest as/when necessary. STOP if it HURTS!

1) Hip Lift ISO Hold:

- Press feet into ground

- Pelvic TUCK

- Push the ground away and lift hips/lower back off and up until you feel your legs working

- Hold position and breathe there

- 5-7 breaths

2) Dead-bug Straight Leg:

- Pelvic TUCK

- EXHALE: bring opposite elbow/knee across midline as close together as possible and hold position

- INHALE: bring knee to chest

- EXHALE: straighten leg/heel touches floor

- 10-12 reps/side

3) Inverted Walkout:

- Bend knees as necessary

- EXHALE: walk hands out 1/2 way (Stay Inverted!)

- INHALE: push floor away with shoulders and arms

- EXHALE: walk hands back to stand

- 6-8 reps

4) Quad Push Up:

- Knees under hips/Hands under shoulders...a bit wider

- Pelvic TUCK (Subtle). Push ground away with upper body (DON’T shrug shoulders!)

- Knees hovering just above ground

- Shoulders/arms doing the work here (elbows slightly off torso)

- INHALE: lower body towards ground (knees touch ground/small range)

- EXHALE: press up away from ground (keep long spine!)

- 8-10 reps

5) Toe Touch to Squat:

- EXHALE: toe touch (knees straight as possible)

- INHALE: squat (as low as comfortably possible)

- Stand up (hips first!)

- 8 reps

6) Drunken Turtle:

- Grasp each shin below knees/arms straight as possible

- INHALE: rock towards head (NO NECK!)

- EXHALE: rock towards feet

- 12 reps

Work with what you can do...make note how many rounds you completed in allotted time. Gradually progress as you feel better...get stronger:)


Cool down: EASY walk (DON’T count your steps please!)

TRY THIS! Let me know how you feel afterwards:)

Dedicated to your health and longevity,



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