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Training for 60. Doing What I Want To Do and Love.


ow should I start? I’m often asked this question by someone who’s ready to start a new fitness program. My answer has been the same over the last, almost 35 years now…GET STRONGER!

Now…it may look quite different than it did back in the day…but what was true then is still true today. Strength has proven itself to be our MOST IMPORTANT physical attribute because it’s the foundation of all other attributes…especially as we age;)

It’s been my experience all these years, that the stronger we are, the greater our “potential”…meaning the more “ABLE” we are to do the things we want to do and love.

Don’t get it twisted…I’m not talking about how much weight we can lift in the gym…now, if you're a Powerlifter, then of course it’s all about the numbers…but for the rest of us “mere mortals”…we just want to feel good doing our thing.

And lifting “lightweights” hundreds of times…whatever that is…is NOT strengthtraining😳 Sorry.

Train Smart. Change the way you move. Feel good.

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


P.S. Curious and want to see if my training style is a good fit for you? Email me for a Complimentary Assessment & 1 Free Orientation Session. No gimmicks, no pressure, just a discussion about you! I want to help you move better and feel stronger. CLICK HERE to learn more.


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