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The C02 Breath Test

I’ve been exploring nasal breathing recently and its impact on improving CO2 tolerance, cardiac output, mood, and mental clarity. It’s been fascinating so far and I’m excited to integrate this technique into my programming. For those of you who currently work with me, you'll be getting a dose of it this week:)

The CO2 Tolerance Test is a gateway to understanding how we respond to stress. Originally used by freedivers, this test has been proven to be a powerful indicator of our stress response, nervous system, and breath control.

It’s a new assessment tool helping me to meet you where you are and get you to where you want to go. So, I’m excited about adding this new tool to our toolbox.

If you don’t know, Carbon Dioxide is the metabolic stress messenger of the human body. Our body is constantly predicting how much energy we need to deal with stress and how much more stress we can take.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) tolerance is important because:

- CO2 is the signal to your brain to breathe.

- This signal is fired in response to your metabolic needs of each moment, exercise, and stress in general; including your perception of stress!

Benefits of CO2 Tolerance include:

- Decrease in blood PH

- Decrease in stress and anxiety

- Ability to think clearer

Improving our strength, ability to move, CO2 tolerance, etc., requires PRACTICE! So here you go. This is where you need to focus your attention and energy on your PRACTICE.

Directions for Test:

⏱️Get a stopwatch/timer

😤All breaths are through your NOSE ONLY!

🪑Seated/Comfortable position

- Take 3 normal NASAL breaths

- Take 1 more full NASAL INHALE and fill your lungs all the way


- Exhale through your nose as SLOWLY as you possibly can, for as LONG as you can

💥DON'T hold your breath or swallow. If that happens, stop your timer!

✋When you have NO AIR left to exhale, stop your timer!

PLEASE REMEMBER: The goal with this test right now is just to develop a deeper awareness of what’s happening with your breath, your ability to control it, and notice how your body responds…does it make you uncomfortable? That’s it! Try it! Let me know how you did and what you think. Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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