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Longevity Smart Moves: Superset YOUR Resets!

Let’s face it, sometimes doing our “RESETS” can be boring. I know it:) And the truth is I can’t force you to do them…it’s entirely up to you or not. But, when I’m constantly asked, “Mike, is there something I can do in between our sessions?” YES! Your RESETS!!!

Understand this, these SUBTLE moves are the difference maker between moving and feeling better or NOT.

I think we all look for the big grandiose “THING” that will help us…an exercise, piece of equipment, or a particular type of “workout”, etc. BUT the reality is… it’s ALL about CONSISTENT EFFORT with the BASICS. Creating a strong foundation for yourself to do what you want to do and love.

I hear it all the time…”it doesn’t look like it should be this hard.” WHY NOT? Just PAY ATTENTION and NOTICE how you feel after just 5-7 breaths of a particular position or move. It’s all in our perception. Practicing these resets add up over time…the power of accumulation. The ability to repeatedly do the mundane and create a sustainable habit is where REAL CHANGE happens. So, PRACTICE YOUR RESETS!!!

Here goes…I’ve been exploring how to implement resets differently…to challenge you differently. Give this a try, based on your body type, and let me know how you feel afterwards.

Just choose a movement variation based on your body type and needs. Remember both bodies are completely NORMAL... We just need different things when it comes to selecting the best exercises for our build: Loosey-Goosey: Joints are just SUPER LOOSE Super Tight: Just feel STIFF all over Once you know your body type, now BREATHE like this: Sighing exhale (fogging a glass) Pursed Lip exhale (blowing out birthday candles) Mike! Where do I start?” Glad you asked:) Try this: 1) Practice INHALING: - Find the MOST COMFORTABLE position based on your “body type”: - Left Photo (Loosey-Goosey folks) - Right Photo (Super-Tight folks) - NASAL ONLY breathing! (MOUTH CLOSED!) - LONG EXAGGERATED INHALE (NO NECK!)…then normal exhale out - Pause (Breath normally). Wait for the next inhale to come. - 4-6 breaths

Your gonna need:

- Comfortable/Clear space

- Maybe something for your head/neck

- Block/Small ball

- Timer

Loosey-Goosey Body Type:

1) DEADBUG STRAIGHT LEG LOWERING x 12/side -Lie on your back -SUBTLE TUCK of your hips (Lower back kissing the floor!) -FULL MOUTH EXHALE: YOURS! GET ABS! -SAME SIDE: Connect same side elbow/knee -YOUR EXHALE: Lower leg/heel touch

- INHALE: Lift leg

2) BEAR ELBOWS ISO: collect as many NASAL breaths as possible for 1 min

- Hands and knees. Feet flexed.

- Knees under hips. Elbows under shoulders. Palms down.

- SUBTLE TUCK of your hips (Back pockets pulled towards heels)


- GENTLY push the floor away the entire time: NO NECK!

- NASAL ONLY breathing for 1 minute!

Superset x 2-3rds

Super-Tight Body Type:


- Lie on your back

- SUBTLE TUCK of your hips (NO arching!)


- OPPOSITE SIDE: Connect opposite elbow/knee

- EXHALE: Straighten leg/Heel touch. WITHOUT ARCHING lower back!

- INHALE: Knee to chest

2) SIDE LYING ISO: collect as many NASAL breaths as possible for 1 min

- Legs stacked/Knees below hips

- Elbow below the shoulder on the downside

- SUBTLE TUCK of your hips. Back pockets pulled to heels.

- FULL EXHALE /REACH upper arm forward/up: GET ABS!


- NASAL ONLY for 1 min each side!

Superset x 2-3rds

Make these part of YOUR DAILY RESTORATION work so you can move and feel better!

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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