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STRONG and ABLE Circuit

Join me in CELEBRATING 34 YEARS! That’s right 💪… 34 years ago today I had my VERY FIRST training session…EVER! What a long and strange trip it’s been;)

I am so GRATEFUL to all of you and for all your LOVE and SUPPORT in this journey. So, let’s keep it going! By making sustainable lifestyle changes to keep us STRONG and ABLE, we can do the things we want to do and love.

Take this circuit with you anywhere...use it anytime to become more MOBILE, get STRONGER and of course, BUILD MUSCLE…at ANY AGE! Here’s what you’ll need: - Comfortable/clear space - Clock/timer - A mat - Cushion/Pillow Here’s what you’re gonna do: Start here: Practice INHALING. Find the MOST COMFORTABLE position based on your “body type”:

🤸‍♂️ Loosey-Goosey: You feel SUPER LOOSE and BENDY all over. (LEFT KNEE FWD)

🏋️ Super Stiff: You feel STIFF all over (RIGHT KNEE FWD)

- NASAL ONLY breathing! (Tongue against palate. MOUTH CLOSED!) - LONG EXAGGERATED SILENT INHALE (NO NECK!) Then normal exhale out. - Pause (Breath normally). Wait for the next inhale to come. Repeat. - 8-12 breaths

1) DYNAMIC BEAR: -Start on all fours (Knees on the ground) -Feet flexed. Knees under hips. Hands under soft elbows -REACH arms LONG without crunching or shrugging and EXHALE (Yours!) -Keep KNEES UNLOCKED the entire time -NASAL INHALE: Reach arms long and push hips backward and upward behind you. PUSHING through OUTSIDE PALM HEEL of each hand. -YOUR EXHALE: Return to start -Repeat 6-8x


-Start in a standing position

🤸‍♂️ Complete ALL REPS on one side…then switch


-INHALE: Step backwards/downwards. Let back knee lightly touch the ground if possible

-YOUR EXHALE: Return to stand

-Repeat 6-8 reps/side


-Start in a standing position

-WHATEVER you have to do to get your hands to the ground;)

-YOUR EXHALE: Walk your feet backwards until your hands are over your head

-INHALE: Walk your feet forward to stand

Adjust for space allowing

-Repeat 6-8x


-Find your “butt bones”

-Grasp lower legs…right below both knees firmly

-INHALE: Rock back towards your head

-YOUR EXHALE: Rock forward towards your feet

Stay off your neck and head!

-Repeat 12-16x


-Facing ground

-ELBOWS wider than your shoulders

-Hips HIGHER than your shoulders

-INHALE: Knee to chest

-YOUR EXHALE: Return to start


Enjoy FEELING GOOD after this one.

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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