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SMART Training is FUNCTIONAL Training

We know that our bodies are highly adaptable. So well, in fact, it creates COMPENSATIONS…allowing us to breathe, move well, and stand up to gravity. There’s A LOT of “STUFF” between our butt and head. I playfully refer to it all, as “our guts and our goods”. It’s ALWAYS moving, so we’re always moving. And we find ways to control and hold it all in, in our own way, by ADAPTING. And it’s not a bad thing.

However, we develop our own UNIQUE POSTURES because of it…pushing our stuff forward, backward (both sometimes, like me), and downward. Over time, we close areas off (SHAPE CHANGE) and create more pressure, and eventually “LEAK”. NOT a good thing.

I talk about it HERE.

POSITION and SHAPE matter A LOT! Where there’s space, stuff will go. So, when we compress in one area, stuff will move into an open area and our shape will change.

Strength training won’t help us here, because we CAN’T use the muscles as “strategies” to help ourselves. Prevention is the KEY and our BONES will actually change shape because they’re “soft” matter and will actually move. So, what does this all mean? It means that we actually CAN create EXPANSION from the INSIDE-OUT. Where we uniquely need it.

This is the kind of “work” that most ignore…because it’s about giving yourself more of what you NEED versus what you want…and it’s the REAL hard work.

I’m asking you to connect and be present…pay attention to how the movement of YOUR breath impacts and in turn how your body responds. These positions are deceptively difficult and performing them SMARTLY is challenging. And I know it’s a BIG ASK:)

BUT these body “RESETS” are the difference maker between being ABLE to do what we want to do and love…and NOT. Make no mistake about it.

So, let’s get started!

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Clear/Comfortable space -Book/folded towel/block

-Secure upright

Here’s what you’re gonna do: Start here: Practice INHALING. Find the MOST COMFORTABLE position based on your “body type”:

🤸‍♂️ Loosey-Goosey: You feel SUPER LOOSE and BENDY all over. (LEFT KNEE FWD)

🏋️ Super Stiff: You feel STIFF all over (RIGHT KNEE FWD)

- NASAL ONLY breathing! (Tongue against palate. MOUTH CLOSED!) - LONG EXAGGERATED SILENT INHALE (NO NECK!) Then normal exhale out. - Pause (Breath normally). Wait for the next inhale to come. Repeat. - 8-12 breaths

Here’s what you’re gonna do:


-Start on all fours (Feet flexed and into the ground, knees under hips, hands under shoulders with SOFT elbows)

-Place book under your LEFT KNEE

-Gentle push away from the ground with your arms throughout (Soft elbows!)


💥When you get it right you might feel a subtle “stretch” in your back left pocket.

- Hold this position and breath there: 5-7 breaths x 2-3rds


-Stand arms length away from secure upright

-Confirm your grip (Hands/Arms positioned lower than your shoulders)

-Place LEFT FOOT on book

-KNEES SOFT (Keep them unlocked!) PUSH HIPS BACK with a couple fingers (Your trunk now resembles an ESCALATOR!)

-Bend your knees a bit and squat down WITHOUT CHANGING TORSO POSITION!


💥When you get it right you might feel a subtle “stretch” in the back of the legs.

- Hold this position and breath there: 5-7 breaths x 2-3rds

These positions would be great additions to your warm-up, cool-down, or DAILY recovery strategies.

Notice how you feel afterward? You just got BETTER! Enjoy that feeling!

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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