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Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths amongst people older than 65.

But, did you know, this statistic now applies to us “younger” folks? Because more and more of us with stiff hips and lower back…chronically sore (like all over)…can “LOSE IT” just as easily?

Obviously, wintertime (ice) is dangerous and slipping is common and hard to avoid. But potential falling hazards are everywhere! Especially, if we can’t move well. Think about it…stairs, steps, sidewalks, curbs, slick/wet surfaces, tight/awkward spaces. You get the idea:)

For these reasons, we’re all at risk at one time or another. Sooo…it’s super important to practice “slipping” and improve POWER PRODUCTION in a controlled environment.

I’m gonna “nerd out” here…POWER is the ability to generate force in the shortest period of time possible.

👊THIS IS NOT CARDIO!!! So, you should ABSOLUTELY NOT FATIGUE with this type of training! EVER!!!

Falling, slipping, just “losing it” happens quickly, violently without warning. But, if we PRACTICE CONSCIOUSLY, if or when we find ourselves in this predicament our chances of “catching” ourselves improves DRAMATICALLY and lowers our risk for serious injury.

What I have for you today is a great strategy that I incorporate (based on my client's needs) one way or another into my training sessions. The goal with this move is LOWER BODY POWER. And the best part is that you can practice it anywhere and with little space and equipment.

☑️ Version #1: Intended for those with little or no training history.

☑️ Version #2: Intended for those familiar with this type of training.

We train SMART for a variety of personal reasons. But generally speaking, we train to minimize our risk to sickness and injury.

💥Of course, if you haven’t moved in a while or ever for that matter, I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND that you be ASSESSED by a professional FIRST! Because if you’re not being assessed, then your training is just being guessed;)

If you’re new to my approach to longevity…try this FIRST: Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/Clear space -Sturdy upright support

Here’s what you’re gonna do:


-Try to stay VERTICAL

-Move COMFORTABLY keeping 1 foot on and 1 foot off the floor

-Pretend you’re jumping over a “thin” strip of tape on the floor

-Think about spending as LITTLE TIME on the ground as possible

-Breathing: In through the nose out through the mouth. Just BREATHE!

🔥Version #1:

-Gently hold onto a secure upright.

-Find a comfortable rhythm

-Repeat:1-3 reps/side

-REST: When necessary. Switch sides.


🔥Version #2:

-Same as above, without the upright

-Let arms swing naturally

-Repeat: 3-5 reps/side

-REST: When necessary. Switch sides.


SIMPLE…NOT EASY! Practice as part of your DAILY maintenance regimen or make it part of your trading warmup.

💡Please remember: Any new movement will feel awkward at first. Let go of judgment and allow yourself to “LEARN”!

Enjoy moving and feeling better afterwards! Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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