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SMART Mobility Moves

When it comes to optimizing our movement potential, we’re often told that “flexibility” is the problem. We’re told we need to “stretch” and that it’s going to help “loosen” up our muscles and improve our range of motion.

SPOILER ALERT! It doesn’t work that way because conventional stretching doesn’t get at the root cause of why we feel “tight” and stiff all over and lack the range of motion. What usually happens (at least it’s been my experience) is that we just continue to feel restricted despite our best efforts. And, if not, worst-case scenario…we injure ourselves.

Forever we’ve blamed our MUSCLES…they’re weak, tight…you name it. But they’re actually NOT THE REASON! The muscles are just a response to what our structure (Pelvis, Spine, and Rib Cage) are doing, but end up getting confused and blamed.

They’re simply just the by-product of our system that’s not managing PRESSURE well from the inside out. Thus, we CAN’T use the muscles as “strategies” to help ourselves. So, what does this all mean? It means that we actually can create EXPANSION. Think SPACE for us to move from the INSIDE-OUT. So, let’s get started!

💥If you haven’t moved in a while or never for that matter, cool, but I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND that you be ASSESSED by a professional FIRST! Because if you’re not being assessed, then your training is just being GUESSED;) And if you’re new to my approach to strength and longevity…try this FIRST:

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Clear/Comfortable space


-Sturdy Upright


Here’s what you’re gonna do:

💡LONG SIGHING EXHALE: think “fogging a glass”


-Knees slightly bent, under our hips

-Down arm: wrist, elbow and shoulder in-line

-Catapult Arc (Go over the top)

-Pivot on kneecaps

-Keep your chest inline (Parallel) with your down arm

-Push away with down arm (Reach LONG!)



-Hold this position: 5-7 breaths


-Start on all fours (Knees on ground) -Feet flexed. Knees under hips. Hands under soft elbows ✔️SET UP: Reach arms long without crunching or shrugging and a LONG SIGHING EXHALE to let your ribs come down -Keep KNEES UNLOCKED entire time NASAL INHALE: Reach arms long and push hips backward and upward behind you. Pushing through the outside palm heel of each hand. -LONG SIGHING EXHALE: Return to start -6-8x

3) CC DEADBUG: -Lie on your back



-INHALE: knee to chest

-EXHALE: heel to floor

-12-15/each side

4)OFF-SET BENT OVER SINK SQUAT ISO -Grab on to a secure upright (Soft Elbows) -Confirm your grip (Hands/Arms positioned lower than your shoulders) -Place LEFT FOOT on book -KNEES UNLOCKED.PUSH HIPS BACK and allow your TORSO to fall FORWARD and DOWNWARD -SQUAT a bit down WITHOUT CHANGING TORSO POSITION! 💥When you get it right you might feel a subtle “stretch” in the back of the legs. - Hold this position and breath there: 5-7 breaths x 2-3rds

Practice as part of your DAILY body maintenance or warm-up/cool down.

Enjoy FEELING GOOD after this one! Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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