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SMART CRAWLING patterns promote total body strength and spatial awareness…both KEYS to aging successfully. Besides, it can be REALLY challenging…and fun…at least I think so:)

See our “CORE” is so MUCH MORE complex and encompasses so MUCH MORE of our body structure than most “core training” tends to account for. The good news is... there’s A LOT we can do to strengthen and coordinate our bodies to better handle the rigors of daily life. You may be wondering what kinds of exercises would work better than typical crunches or sit-ups? Glad you asked!:) The real answer is that EVERY EXERCISE should be an AB exercise. It may not look like what you’re used to seeing, but smartly executed, you’ll be strengthening your “TRUNK” in a very practical way…along with loosening up those cranky HIPS! And this is a great way to get your training in when you are short on time, equipment, traveling, or just want to step out of your comfort zone, try something different, and challenge your capabilities. Now let’s MOVE!

💥If you haven’t moved in a while or never for that matter, cool, but I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND that you be ASSESSED by a professional FIRST! Because if you’re not being assessed, then your training is just being GUESSED;) And if you’re new to my approach to strength and longevity…try this FIRST: Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Clear/Comfortable space

-Timer Here’s what you’re gonna do:

LONG SIGHING EXHALE: think like you're “fogging a glass”

⏲️TIMER: 15-30 min running clock

CRAWL in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE direction in as TIGHT a CIRCLE as possible

Move in an OPPOSITE ARM/LEG pattern


✋REST as/when necessary. STOP if anything HURTS!

VERSION #1: Practice as part of your DAILY MAINTENANCE regimen

-Hands and Knees ON!

Too easy? 😂

VERSION #2: Use this version as a stand-alone training session. AMAZING when you're short on time or traveling:)

-Knees OFF!

As you can probably tell from the video…this version is BRUTALLY hard for me. 🥵 Now that’s a workout!

Enjoy FEELING GOOD and/or “WORKED” after this one! 🤗

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

P.S. Curious and want to see if my training style is a good fit for you? Email me for a Complimentary Assessment & 1 Free Orientation Session. No gimmicks, no pressure, just a discussion about you! I want to help you move better and feel stronger. CLICK HERE to learn more.

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