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Shoulder MOBILITY that really WORKS!

Ever wake up feeling “achy-breaky”? What I mean is everything just feels stiff, tight…maybe even sore?

I know I do on most days:)

And from time to time, as we age, we all will have or experience a variety of aches and pains… depending on the type and amount of activity we do. It’s just a given.

But when it comes to moving and feeling better, the BASICS always have and always will be prioritized in my training programming!

What I see A LOT of in my practice are folks with a stiff or tight upper back as well as limited shoulder range of motion or “mobility”…if you will.

🔎Here’s the simplified version: This lack of shoulder mobility is often affected by a lack of posterior expansion in the rib cage (Cupples 2023). Think shoulder discomfort, soreness, and possibly pain.

So, instead of focusing on the shoulder itself…let’s work with that rib cage of ours!

Of course, as with all things related to improving our ability to move better…we gotta BREATHE!

And I mean as in CHILL and RELAX. LOW TENSION!

Here’s what you gonna need:

-Clear/Comfortable space


-Yoga block/Small ball/Pillow

Check out my video below. 🔊 Sound on!

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

1)Stand approx a foot length away from the wall. Something between your knees (2/10 effort).

2)Ensure you have a SUBTLE ARCH across your lower back against the wall.

3)Keep pressure on your foot contacts (BIG TOE BASE/INSIDE HEEL)

4)Eyes to the horizon

5)Squat down a LITTLE BIT…stay connected to those points!

6)Bend your elbows fully and reach them BELOW your shoulders GENTLY, WITHOUT ROUNDING FORWARD! Approximately parallel to your quads.

✔️Stay tall through your upper back and neck.

💥Your head DOES NOT have to touch the wall!

7) Palms facing you. Separate your fingers.

🫁 BREATHING: -SILENT NASAL INHALE -OPEN MOUTH SOFT EXHALE ✔️PERFORM: 3 sets x 5-7 breaths/2x DAILY As always…I want you to notice how you feel afterwards:) Lighter? Looser?

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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