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Longevity Smart Moves: Posture “FIXES”!

Last week I talked about how well our bodies adapt that they will actually create COMPENSATIONS. Allowing us to breathe, move well, and stand up to gravity. Not a big deal, right? Unless it creates “PRESSURE LEAKS” as a result! With that, notions of GOOD POSTURE…a lifetime of COMPRESSING certain areas of our body to “stand up straight” has made us all susceptible to developing our own unique pressure leaks just by adapting to deal with gravity.

Forever we’ve blamed our muscles. They’re WEAK, they’re TIGHT, etc. But they are actually NOT THE REASON! The muscles are just a response that end up getting confused and blamed.

💥Truth bomb:

✔️You don’t need to “ROLL-OUT” or “STRETCH” more.

✔️It’s NOT your Sacroiliac joint, Piriformis, or Illiotibial band.

✔️Is your CORE weak? NOPE! Actually, the “six-pack” may make things worse by compressing us front to back. Believe me…we don’t want that:)

They’re simply just the by-product of a system (ours) that’s not managing PRESSURE well from the inside. And we create COMPRESSION, one way or another, read here:

Strength training is OBVIOUSLY IMPORTANT, but NOT in this instance…because we CAN’T use the muscles as “strategies” to help ourselves. Prevention is the KEY and our BONES will actually change shape because they’re “soft” matter and will actually move.

So, what does this all mean? It means that we actually CAN create EXPANSION from the INSIDE-OUT. Where we uniquely need it. So, let’s get started!

Here’s what you’re gonna need:

-Clear/Comfortable space

-Chair, Ottoman, Bench


-Block or towel

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

Start here: Practice INHALING. Find the MOST COMFORTABLE position based on your “body type”:

- 🤸‍♂️Loosey-Goosey: You feel SUPER LOOSE and BENDY all over. (LEFT KNEE FWD) - 🏋️ Super Stiff: You feel STIFF all over (RIGHT KNEE FWD)

- NASAL ONLY breathing! (Tongue against palate. MOUTH CLOSED!) - LONG EXAGGERATED SILENT INHALE (NO NECK!) Then normal exhale out. - Pause (Breath normally). Wait for next inhale to come. Repeat. - 8-12 breaths

1) 🤸‍♂️LOOSEY-GOOSEY: -Object secured -Position yourself approximately arms distance away -Remain TALL through your upper back and neck -Use your hand to PUSH BACK your hips a bit (think about opening a door behind you with both back pockets!) -Gently push yourself away from the object using your arms (you may feel side abs here) - SILENT INHALE. FULL MOUTH SIGHING EXHALE. (GET ABS!) -HOLD this position and breathe there: 5-7 breaths x 2-3rds 2) 🏋️ SUPER-STIFF: -Lie on your RIGHT SIDE FIRST! -BOTH FEET against wall (WHOLE FOOT!) -Place block between knees and hold it in place (DON’T SQUEEZE!) -Head/Neck comfortable - SILENT INHALE. FULL MOUTH PURSE LIP EXHALE. (GET ABS!) -HOLD this position and breathe there: 5-7 breaths x 2-3rds/side

These positions are deceptively difficult and performing them SMARTLY is a challenge like none other. Both would be great additions to your warm-up, prep or daily recovery strategies. Enjoy! Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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