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Pain SUCKS…Try this!

Aging isn’t for the faint of heart. I know because I have “managed” my lower back, hip, and knee pain for over three decades now…successfully.

I do have flair-ups…and it’s downright debilitating. Think about this…pretty much every action…sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, reaching, getting on and off the floor involves our lower back, hip, and knees.

So, if you’re like me, you know how pain can get in the way of our day-to-day functions as well as our favorite pastimes. Especially if your moving and grooving like me all day long:)

What I have for you today…can help.

Please remember, this is just a generalization, based on our “structure”…how we’re born.

The goal here is to reduce overall body tension…help our muscles to relax. If you feel you need more help…please reach out…happy to chat:)

I perform the WIDE RIB CAGE version EVERY morning. And what a DIFFERENCE when I’m done!

As always, thank you to my friend and mentor Zac Cupples for the inspiration behind these moves.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Clear/Comfortable space. Wall space. -Something for your head/neck -Yoga block/Small ball. -Watch/Timer Here’s what you’re gonna do: 🌬️FULL MOUTH EXHALE at the start of each to get rid of some stale air 👃NASAL ONLY breathing!

😴 Be your BEST LAZY SELF: Do your best to RELAX your PELVIS, HIPS, and BELLY!

Feel like you’re doing NOTHING;) Be EFFORTLESS! ✔️Rest your eyes if you wish.

Check out my video below. 🔊Sound ON!

NARROW RIB CAGE: Feet on the wall. WIDE RIB CAGE: Feet on the floor. 💡Find your 2 POINTS under each foot:



🔑Just SENSE them. Keep GENTLE pressure on both throughout…either on the wall or ground. But NO FORCE! ✔️Hands on belly for feedback. NARROW RIB CAGE:

-Feet flat on the ground. GENTLY hold something between your knees.

-Find your 2 POINTS! -Hands on lower belly. ABS RELAXED! -Hold this position and breathe ✔️NASAL ONLY breathing. RELAXED. SLOWLY. EASY. -Practice for 5-10 minutes WIDE RIB CAGE: -On your RIGHT SIDE. Feet flat on the wall. Something between your lower legs.

-Find your 2 POINTS!

-ABS RELAXED! -Hold this position and breathe ✔️NASAL ONLY breathing. RELAXED. SLOWLY. EASY. -Practice for 5-10 minutes Notice how you move and feel afterward. Is it any different than normal?

Practice DAILY and enjoy feeling good afterwards!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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