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Move and Feel BETTER with this SIMPLE MOVE

This is for those of us who for a variety of reasons (shape of our structure, wear and tear, injuries) just feel STIFF or CONTRACTED…like in tight ALL OVER. And thus, our movement is limited and we feel tired and sore because of it. If this speaks to you at all, then what I have for you today is a great place to start moving and feeling better! The goal of this exercise is to LOOSEN UP your torso and hips…reducing TENSION throughout your body…allowing for better movement and an overall sense of just feeling better.

This is NOT intended to be a “workout”…but an opportunity to show your body some LOVE…resetting it, so that you can work out…or do anything you want to for that matter.

And if you’re new to my approach to strength and longevity, try my Movement and Stress Management Routine FIRST.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/clear space

As always, I want to credit my friend and mentor Zac Cupples for the inspiration behind this move.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

✔️Set up on your knees and forearms

✔️Get an easy reach through your forearms

✔️Exhale as you gently push away from the ground. NO CRUNCHING!



✔️Repeat: 3rds x 5 strides/side

💡Keep your STRIDES short and sweet!

Notice how you move and feel afterward. Does it feel any different than normal? Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike New to my approach to strength and longevity? Try my Movement and Stress Management Routine FIRST. Then sign up for a Complimentary Assessment & 1 Free Orientation Session! I promise, no gimmicks, no pressure… just a discussion about you! Let’s get you moving better and feeling stronger. CLICK HERE to learn more. Enjoying my blog? Sign up for my newsletter! Together we can start your journey to feeling better and getting back to doing the things you love to do! Click HERE to sign up.


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