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MOBILITY for Longevity

What I have for you today are a couple of my favorite SMART STRATEGIES that can help us with MOBILITY. But I’m not gonna lie…it takes patience, time, and consistent effort on our part.

It’s been my personal experience that most folks skip the BASICS and go straight to the “fancy” stuff. Don’t make this mistake. Especially when it comes to recovery and allowing our bodies to heal…aka, moving and feeling better in life.


See, if your MOBILITY is a struggle or if you’re hurting and feeling “stiff” all over, you most likely have more TENSION throughout your body than you realize. And that tension needs to be ADDRESSED BEFORE any movement occurs.

Think about it like this…this subtle mobility practice is a PREREQUISITE in order to move effectively (and safely) when it comes to more involved or advanced movement drills.

So, the question becomes…do we even need all that fancy movement stuff in the first place? 🤷A discussion for another day:)

These exercises may seem SUBTLE…and they are). And I KNOW they look incredibly different but let go of all that JUDGEMENT…because this is exactly what we need/want to move and feel better on and off the training floor. So that we can do what we want and love to do every day.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Clear/Comfortable space -Something for your head/neck, possibly (Pillows) -Foam Roller Check out my video below. 🔊 Sound ON!

🫁BREATHING for both versions: -SILENT NASAL INHALE -OPEN MOUTH SIGHING EXHALE: Simultaneously “MELT” into the roller allowing your body to conform to it best you can -Hold this position and breathe. -Practice 3-5 sets x 5 breaths/EACH SIDE/2x DAILY


SIDELYING FOAM ROLLER DECOMPRESSION -Lie on your RIGHT SIDE FIRST -Place the roller right BELOW your ARMPIT 🙁Might be a bit uncomfortable…BUT NOT AWFUL;)

-Control your head comfortably or rest on some pillows if needed -Eyes to the horizon or rest them entirely

-TOP ARM RELAXED -BOTTOM ARM as RELAXED as you possibly can -LEGS stacked positioned BELOW your HIPS as demonstrated




-BOTTOM LEG parallel with the foam roller

-TOP LEG FOOT in front of the bottom shin

💪UPPER BODY: SAME as above

💡I would PRACTICE version #1 for approximately 2-4 weeks or longer…whoever long it takes…making sure you “own“ it first…before progressing to version #2.

As always…I want you to notice how you feel afterwards:)

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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