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Longevity Smart Strength and Conditioning @ HOME

YES, training at home is different than training at the gym, where there are obviously more options available. BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful at home and move closer to your personal goals. Here’s the thing, training done well…SMART…requires MINIMAL gadgets and equipment to accomplish what you want and what you need to move and feel better.

So, what I have for you today is a fun and effective strength and conditioning training session that targets your entire body. Again, DONE WELL…a deceptively hard training session.

And it addresses the challenges of training at home:

- Limited Space: all you need is maybe 6 x 4 feet (Mat size in video).

Outdoors is also an option, depending on the time of year and climate, of course.

- Access to equipment: you usually don’t need much. For today’s session I ask that you have a dumbbell (Lighter is generally better. Depending on your physical size and training experience…most women can use 5-8lbs and most men, 10-15lbs safety). If uncertain, be safe and go lighter!

- Distractions: Set boundaries that make it clear that your training time is YOUR time. Train SMART = Train LESS!

- Motivation: mindfully connect your training to your individual purpose. Making a deeper connection will help you stay more consistent.

Now let’s get moving!

Start here: Practice INHALING: - Find the MOST COMFORTABLE position based on your “body type”:

🤸‍♂️Loosey-Goosey: Just feel SUPER LOOSE and BENDY all over (LEFT KNEE FWD) 🏋️ Super Stiff: Just feel STIFF all over (RIGHT KNEE FWD)

- NASAL ONLY breathing! (Tongue against palate. MOUTH CLOSED!) - LONG EXAGGERATED SILENT INHALE (NO NECK!) Then normal exhale out. - Pause (Breath normally). Wait for next inhale to come. Repeat. - 8-12 breaths

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/Clear space

-1 Dumbbell (5-10lbs)

-Maybe a mat

-Cushion/Pillow/Beach towel

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

-The “warm-up” is actually built right in:) But if you like to do more on your own, please do.

-Repeat this circuit for 2-3rds. Rest as and when necessary.

Of course, STOP 🛑 if something doesn’t feel right.

💥FINISH each move/lift BEFORE moving on to the next!

1)Armbar: 5 breaths/side


-Feet flat on the ground. Feet, knees, and hips same line

-YOUR FULL MOUTH EXHALE: Press/Reach dumbbell to the ceiling LONG (Shoulder Blade off the ground)

-HOLD this position and breath there (Notice your ABS working?)

2) 1/2 Get-Up: 3-5 attempts/side

-YOUR FULL MOUTH EXHALE: Press/Reach dumbbell to the ceiling LONG (Shoulder Blade off the ground)

-On YOUR EXHALE: Move onto Elbow (Complete all reps to one side and then switch)

-PUSH THE GROUND AWAY from the Elbow. REACH LONG again.

-EYES looking up at weight!

3) 1/2 Kneeling Clean: 8-12 attempts/side

-1/2 Kneeling position: Think “Railroad Tracks”. Feet, knees, and hips of both legs same line. Balanced.

- Dumbbell in opposite arm of front leg (Opposite arm/leg!)


✔️INHALE: Pull dumbbell to “pocket”

✔️YOUR EXHALE: ”Wrap” dumbbell/hand/arm around rib cage and finish in front of your chest

✔️PALM facing you!

4) Reverse Lunge Alt Hands: 6-8 attempts/side

- Tall through your upper back and neck.

- Hold dumbbell in SAME SIDE hand as forward leg!

- YOUR EXHALE: Feel your abs get smaller here

- INHALE: Step back and down. Keep your TALLNESS!

- YOUR EXHALE: Return to stand. Keep foot, knee, hip SAME LINE!

💥Switch dumbbell to opposite hand and repeat


FARMERS CARRY: 2-3 minutes/side (Use whatever space you have!)

- Hold dumbbell with PALM FACING YOU!

- Mindfully walk SLOWLY! SWING opposite arm freely!

SMILE…you just got BETTER! 😃

Please lmk how you feel afterwards…I’d love to know.

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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