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Longevity Smart Moves: #achesandpains

Most of the time if we’re experiencing annoying aches and pains it’s a sign that we’ve gotten into some rigid patterns. We’re told that our bodies are broken or that age has caught up to us. 🤦 And of course, there might be cases where things could actually be broken…but MOST of the time, we just need to move SMARTER.

Just think about your daily life… What do you do most of the day? What are your activities of choice…or lack thereof? I get it, no is what it is:)

What we need to do is to actively get out of these patterns and explore movements that will challenge our bodies to become more stable in certain areas and mobile in others.

Meaning, in order to FEEL BETTER we need to: - Get STRONGER (ultimately moving more) - MOVE BETTER (getting out of rigid patterns) - Be SMARTER (about our exercise folks!)

For more of my take on Our Relationship with Pain, READ THIS.

So, what can we start doing differently? Moving in the right ways for our unique structure and design is KEY. Through assessing and reassessing, I’ve found that decreasing and preventing pain is a whole body SMART STRENGTH TRAINING approach. Always taking into consideration our unique body type. (🤸‍♂️Loosey-Goosey or 🏋️Super-Tight)

Here are a couple of practical applications for dealing with your pain based on your structure and design.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: - comfortable/clear space (wall space) - maybe a mat - maybe something for your neck and head - a block - a towel/blanket That’s it!

Here’s my recommendation: ALWAYS START HERE because being able to breathe correctly and according to your body is the FOUNDATION to better health, getting stronger, and feeling good again. What’s your body like? Then EXHALE/REACH like this: 🤸‍♂️Loosey-Goosey: LONG Sighing exhale (fogging a glass)/Reach arms straight up Super-Tight: Pursed Lip exhale (blowing out birthday candles)/Reach arms overhead Daily Practice for YOU

Here’s what you’re gonna do: 🤸‍♂️Loosey-Goosey Smart position: - All fours (feet relaxed/knees under hips/elbows under shoulders) - Upper body slightly elevated - Palms down (weight on hands, forearms, and elbows evenly) - Legs comfortably together, gently rock hips backwards - SUBTLE TUCK of your hips (back pockets pulled back/down to heels) - FULL MOUTH EXHALE (long sighing breath/gently push ground away) GET ABS! - DON’T let your head sink in between your shoulders/arms! - Look between both thumbs - Hold this position and breath there: 5-7 breaths x 2-3rds


Super-Tight Smart position:

- lie on your side

- Both feet (whole foot) on the wall parallel to each other

- Something between your knees (gently squeeze)

- Head/neck comfortable

- SUBTLE TUCK of your hips (back pockets pulled back/down towards heels)

- FULL MOUTH EXHALE (pursed lip breath) GET ABS!

- Gently press into ground with top arm

- Hold this position and breath there: 5-7 breaths x 2-3rds/side

Give one of these a try (based on your body), DAILY… If not, twice daily for 4-6 weeks. Let me know how you feel afterward. I’d love to know. Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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