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Longevity Reset Daily Practice

Hi Fam, I know you feel good after our’s actually what I get most excited about each and every session. But, what about the rest of the week? In-between our sessions?

Here’s the plain simple TRUTH, and I know I sound like a broken record, but it is super important to have a “Daily Practice” for your overall improvement. Moving and feeling better is a SKILL and in order to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS between our sessions, I recommend (and actually URGE) you to perform my LONGEVITY RESET every day.

REMEMBER: Start where you are and do what you can. Going as far as you can, while moving safely. All you’ll need is some clear, comfortable space and maybe something for the back of your head and neck...THAT’S IT!



✔️ Exhaling x 10

Like you're fogging a glass

• Exhale with Pause x 10 (feel that small AB tension in your lower abs?)

• Exhale with AB Tension: 3 full breath cycles x 2rds


✔️ x 12/each direction

Press feet into ground

Hip Tucking/Untucking: • Tucking (Un-arch lower back) • Untucking (Arch lower back WITHOUT discomfort!)


✔️ x 12/each direction

Press feet into ground

• INHALE: Tuck hips (un-arch lower back) towards your head • EXHALE: Lift tucked hips off the ground WITHOUT arching lower back (feel that tension in your butt muscles and back of your legs?) • Breath normally (in and out of your nose): Lower hips and come to rest on the ground


✔️ x 4/side

Just LET GO! NO Legs! ALL Upper Body.

• Exhale: Reach opposite shoulder/arm to hip until your nose is in your armpit:)

• Inhale: Once your nose is in your armpit. Finish the roll.

✔️ PRACTICE 1 round DAILY!

PROGRESS is NOT linear and takes as long as it have to EARN IT ⭐️ Train smart. Change the way you move. Feel better.

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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