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Improve Your "Stretchability" Video

Hi Fam!

Now, I'll be honest here…stretching truly doesn't work if any of the following are true:

- You're doing it wrong

- You're doing it right, but you're doing the wrong kind of stretching for your needs

- You're not doing it consistently

- You're overdoing it

- You’re some kind of genetic anomaly to whom the basic rules of human physiology do not apply

The first four I come across almost on a daily basis. The last one I started to read about recently.

So when I say "stretching doesn't work," besides the physiological facts (muscles are dumb), what I mean is maybe you just never found the right way to make stretching work for you.

If you've ever felt like you could use more range of motion, speed, power, or a greater feeling of relaxation in your movements, investing some time in learning the right ways to stretch will absolutely pay off for you. It has for my clients, and I know it's possible because I not only see it again and again, but hear it as well...”I feel LIGHTER.”

Give this routine a shot, especially first thing in the morning toimprove your “STRETCHABILITY”! You don’t need to leave your house and all you need is a comfortable space to do it.Here’s what you’re gonna do:


- EXHALE: LONG EXAGGERATED sighing breath (fog the glass) x 5

- Tuck/Untuck (Un-arch/Arch low back): 10/direction

- Tuck, Exhale, Reach x 5

Each move: FULL inhale and EXHALE!

⚡️CC Roll:

- EXHALE opposite knee to elbow (touch, if not as close as possible)

- INHALE roll towards bent leg. Gently look up at the ceiling with NO discomfort. FREE ARM palm up.

- EXHALE unroll back to start. Stay connected. FREE ARM palm down.

- Repeat x 4 /each

⚡️ Bear Shoulder Taps:

- Feet flexed. Knees under hips. Hands under shoulders.

- INHALE: Bring opposite hand to shoulder

- EXHALE: Hand down to ground

- Repeat x 8/side

⚡️ Lateral Squat:

- STANCE: Feet WIDER than hips. Pointed straight ahead. Think “Railroad tracks.” Arms folded across chest.

- INHALE: weight shift and move to one side keeping your foot, knee, hip, and torso UPRIGHT!

- EXHALE: come back to center

- Repeat x 8/side

⚡️ Drunken Turtle:

Make sure there’s NOTHING BEHIND YOU!!!

- Ankles, knees, and hips bent

- Grasp lower leg, below knee

- INHALE: Rock towards your head

- EXHALE: Rock towards your feet

- Repeat x 12/direction

Try it out! Let me know how you feel afterwards. Remember there are NO quick fixes to REAL, SUSTAINABLE change. It requires you to be present. Feel. Experience. And REPEAT!!!

Dedicated to your Health and Longevity,



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