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How To Breathe For Your Build

Last week I discussed how to choose the right exercises for YOU. In simplest terms...we’re either built in a “Loosey-Goosey” or “Super Tight” manner.

Both bodies are completely NORMAL, we just need a different approach for both when it comes to exercising. And the BIGGEST difference is our breathing strategy.

If you lean more towards the Loosey-Goosey variety, then the focus is on an opened mouth full exhale. It’s a LONG SIGHING breath with your mouth open, almost letting the exhale occur passively.

But, if you’re built more like me, Super Tight, then the focus is on more of a full resisted exhale. It’s a PURSED LIP breath, which provides resistance to the exhale.

In both instances, the exhale MUST be SLOW and COMPLETE, approximately 15 seconds. An effective exhale, if you get it will feel your entire rib cage and abdominal region get smaller and tighter. Hello ABS! (Cupples, 2018 - Present)

Like anything, if we want to make progress and reach our goals...aka...MOVE BETTER, FEEL takes PRACTICE!

So, here’s what I want you to do...

💨 Practice YOUR exhale:

- On your back (Head/Neck comfortable)

- Legs straight/bent (Lower back comfortable)

- Your exhale for 15 sec (count to 25)...2-3rds x 10- 15 breaths (work up to it!)

TRY IT! Let me know how you feel afterwards. I’d love to know.

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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