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No matter how active you are currently, it’s likely not enough to keep your body healthy, strong, and resilient…aka happy:)

If you're exercising just for the sake of exercising and to “break a sweat”…then most likely you’re stuck in certain movement patterns. And you’re probably not even aware of it.

From our individual genetics to activities of choice, we are basically one of two body types…biased in a particular manner, thus limited in a particular way.

And without constant, consistent daily effort, these patterns and the aches, strains, pains, and even injuries that are associated with them will manifest as we age.

An easy example here is running and cycling. Both are great activities but are practically the definition of repetitive strain that shows up as aches, pains, and injuries in time if some type of alternative SMART work isn’t practiced.

But don’t get it twisted. Being active is a MUST…but done randomly…as in the ”WOD” or the “one size fits all” style of training…we will find ourselves in these repetitive, rigid movement patterns, which over time will absolutely cause stiffness and ultimately pain, if not addressed smartly.

My LONGEVITY DAILY MAINTENANCE ritual can help…it’s all about diverse movement that will improve your performance in whatever it is you want to do and love…help you make more progress in the long term…keeping your body robust, coordinated, and more resilient to injury over time.

Here’s what you’re gonna need for PHASE 2:

- Comfortable/Clear space

- Maybe a mat

- Maybe a chair

- Cushion/Pillow/Beach Towel


💥All the credit for this information and work goes to Dr. Perry Nickelston and his “Lymphatic Mojo” training series.

Tap and Shake: Lymphatic MOJO:

Here’s what you’re gonna do:


Getting the blood flowing in the right order...ORDER MATTERS!

(We have to go with the flow of the fluid.) - Below Collarbones (R,L)

- Behind ears (R,L) - Chest/Shoulder junction (R,L) - Belly - Hip Flexors - Behind knees

✔️At each point: RUB...TAP…TAP HARDER...5x each. PULL x 3 [Apply MEDIUM pressure...initially, little or as much as you want].

#2: SHAKE: Running Man (60 sec) Just let yourself go here no matter how weird it feels:)


💥If you’re new to this sort of diverse movement, take each segment separately at first. Practice as long as necessary SEPARATELY and as your strength and confidence grow, put it all together in one FLOW.

🤸‍♂️ Loosey-Goosey: Just feel SUPER LOOSE and BENDY all over (LEFT leg forward)

🏋️ Super Stiff: Just feel STIFF all over (RIGHT leg forward)

A) 1/2 KNEELING POSITION and back up (Use a chair as necessary!): - Drop step lunge backwards. (Legs hip-width apart…think Railroad Tracks!) - UP/FRONT LEG…foot, knee, and hip SAME LINE! - INHALE DOWN. EXHALE UP.

✔️Repeat 6-8x


- PIVOT the BACK FOOT in-line with the UP/FRONT LEG (Foot, knee, and hip SAME LINE!) - PUSH both hips back as comfortably as possible. Hinge position (Imagine there’s a door behind you and you want to open it with your back pockets!). INHALE.

- Return to tall position. EXHALE.

💥If you need a cushion or pillow…something to bring the ground closer to you…do it.

✔️Repeat 6-8x

C) Figure 4 Sit and Lie down and GET BACK UP: - Bring rear lower leg to front leg foot and sit. (Figure 4 shape)

- Lower REAR ARM elbow to the ground, roll, and lie down.

- Reach OPPOSITE ARM LONG to get back up. NOT EASY!

- Repeat 6-8x

PATIENCE. PROGRESSION IS EARNED! Let me know how you feel afterwards.

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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