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Every Movement Is An Ab Exercise!

Hi Fam!

Just think about all the things we do everyday... how we contort our bodies, moving from awkward angles, bending, twisting to accomplish whatever task is necessary in that moment.

Functional training like most buzzwords, means something a little different to everyone. I actually prefer “USABLE”...meaningwhat we do at home or in the gym MUST have a BIG IMPACT on our quality of life. But as my clients and I age, the concept becomes a lot less theoretical and A LOT more urgent.

Specifically 3 tasks come to mind that are all crucial for moving well, feeling good, and ultimately our longevity.

1) Getting up off the ground (

2) Lifting, loading, and unloading to and from the ground

3) Carrying heavy things

Generally, I coach and train according to the principle of SPECIFICITY (think: your response to training). Your body adapts and your fitness progresses in a way that’s specific to the exercises we do. Simply put you get better at what you train for :)

And your STRENGTH should be usable. If an exercise increases your strength, it should also help you move.

After coaching real people for 33 years now and training for 42 years myself, I know the most effective training combines “USABLE” moves that mirror everyday positions, actions, and lifts that strengthen the muscles responsible for all of those actions.

The BIG BANG muscles...hamstrings, glutes, and abs MUST come into play each and EVERY exercise.

And let me be clear, EVERY EXERCISE IS AN AB EXERCISE! You DON’T (or shouldn’t) have to consciously “use or engage your abs” or “squeeze” anything to move. It should happen automatically.

And guess what act affects our movement the most? BREATHING! More importantly, breathing well. Breathing is actually movement. Most people don’t breathe well. And it’s my experience those same people struggle to move.

So, if you’re struggling to breathe and move well, try my Longevity Rest:

Exhale with a LONG sighing breath (fogging a glass)...

Exhaling x 10

Exhale with a Pause x 10 (feel that small tension in your lower abs?)

Exhale with Ab Tension: 3 x 2

⚡️Hip Tucking/Untucking x 10/each way

⚡️Hip Lift x 12

Let me know how you feel afterwards:)

Dedicated to your health and longevity,



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