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DayBreaker: SMART Moves

When it comes to doing the things we want to do and love…all of our ATTENTION is focused on our “OUTPUT” and creating TENSION (think: how much…how fast…how hard can I do something) But what about our ability to “LET GO”…decrease tension, stress, and from a movement perspective…muscle activity? For A LOT of folks, it’s the HARDEST attribute to develop. Since how you practice movement is how you move through life…why not move with greater ease, coordination, and strength? Moving well and with intention is a SKILL and requires a LOGICAL progression.

So, if you need help to get moving and grooving in the morning…like me;), this latest version of my DayBreaker is for you:)

Remember: DAILY PRACTICE is KEY to moving and feeling better.

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/Clear space -Maybe something for your head and neck -Foam Roller or something that rolls easily

-Sturdy Upright

Here’s what you’re gonna do: Repeat for 1 rd…


💥Your BEST LAZY SELF, BELLY RELAXED! Be EFFORTLESS as you roll! Like you’re doing NOTHING;)

LOWER BODY: -Lie on your RIGHT SIDE. Head/Neck comfortable. -Place LEFT INNER THIGH on the roller which is parallel to you (Instep of LEFT FOOT stays in contact with the floor at ALL TIMES!) -UPPER BODY is comfortable and remains quiet throughout -FULL MOUTH EXHALE to start to get rid of some stale air -INHALE: ✔️LEFT KNEE initiates move by rolling forward and away from your body. ✔️LEFT HIP follows ✔️SACRUM is next ✔️LOWER BACK finishes the movement -EXHALE: return to starting position -Repeat:15x

🐢SLOWLY. EASILY. 💥When you get it right…you might notice a STUBLE “stretch” backside lower/upper!

UPPER BODY: -Position LEFT LEG in a bent position over RIGHT LEG -Position foam roller almost parallel to your body. -RIGHT ARM comfortable. Elbow bent. Palm up. -Place LEFT WRIST on foam roller palm down. Positioned below shoulder! -FULL MOUTH EXHALE to start to get rid of some stale air -INHALE: ✔️LEFT ARM initiates move by rolling forward and away from your body. Hand relaxed! ✔️LEFT SHOULDER BLADE follows ✔️Lastly UPPER BACK. NO NECK! -EXHALE: return to starting position -Repeat: 15x

🐢SLOWLY. EASILY. 💥When you get it right…you might notice a STUBLE “stretch” backside mid/upper.


LONG SIGHING EXHALE: Soft. Slow. Effortless. -Start on all fours (Knees on ground) -Feet flexed. Knees under hips. Hands under soft elbows

✔️ SET UP: REACH arms LONG without crunching or shrugging and a FULL MOUTH EXHALE to let your ribs come down -Keep KNEES UNLOCKED entire time -NASAL INHALE: Reach arms long and push hips backward and upward behind you. PUSHING through OUTSIDE PALM HEEL of each hand. -FULL MOUTH EXHALE: Return to start -6-8x 3) SINK SQUAT ISO

LONG SIGHING EXHALE: Soft. Slow. Effortless.

-Hang on to upright securely (SOFT elbows!) -Knees UNLOCKED -HEAVY HEELS -HIPS move BACKWARDS as your TORSO moves FORWARD/DOWNWARD -SQUAT down SLIGHTLY (Maintaining torso position…think ESCALATOR!)

SILENT NASAL INHALE. LONG SIGHING EXHALE (NOTICE: Lower abs getting SMALLER?). PAUSE/HOLD YOUR BREATH 3 COUNT. -HOLD position and BREATH there x 5-7 breaths 4) BACKWARD JUMP -Swing your arms forward as you move backward Breathe ANYWAY you want!



-Repeat 6-8x

⭐Cool-Down/Transition: Sit or lie down comfortably for 3-5 minutes and practice SLOW NASAL breathing mechanics: - NASAL INHALE: 4 count - PAUSE:2 count - NASAL EXHALE: 6 count

🧘 RESET at the bottom. Let the next inhale come when it’s ready…take a moment or two if necessary.

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

P.S. 💥 If you haven’t moved in a while or never for that matter, I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND that you be ASSESSED by a professional FIRST! Because if you’re NOT being assessed, then your training is just being GUESSED 👎

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