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CORE workout…or NOT?

This is for those of us who, for a variety of reasons (shape of our structure, wear and tear, injuries, etc.), just feel STIFF or CONTRACTED…like, tight ALL OVER. And thus, our movement is limited, making us feel tired and sore because of it. The GOAL of these exercises is to LOOSEN UP your chest, torso, and hips…depending on your STRUCTURE!

Basically, as we age, our body develops the “best” strategy it can so that we can do what we need and want to do every day. See, we’re all gonna “orient” ourselves one way or another, do whatever we need to do in order to get into certain positions…that we don’t really have access to at that moment.

Both movements allow for better movement and an overall sense of just feeling better. And if you feel your ABS working…great!

For those of you who feel like your hips and lower back are constantly "pushing forward", I recommend the ELEVATED QUAD ELBOWS.

And I like the DEAD BUG for those of you who feel like your hips and lower back are constantly “arched”…like me:)

Please remember, these are just generalizations based on what I see every day. If you feel you need more help…please reach out…happy to chat:) Thanks go out to my friend and mentor, Zac Cupples, for the inspiration behind these moves. I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND you start here: Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/Clear space -Elevated surface for your upper body

-Yoga Block Check out my video below. 🔊 Sound ON!


-FOREARMS on elevated surface as demonstrated

-KNEES underneath HIPS. ELBOWS underneath SHOULDERS.

-Comfortable gaze on fingertips



-SILENT NASAL INHALE: Lift one forearm up. Press opposite down.

-LONG SIGHING EXHALE (Slow. Long. Relaxed.): Lower forearm.


-Repeat: 8-12/SIDE


-Lie on your back -Version #1: HAND on KNEECAP -Version #2: Hold Yoga block LENGTHWISE between KNEE and ELBOW 🍝EXTRA SAUCE: STRAIGHTEN the leg in either version!

🌬️Breathing: -SILENT NASAL INHALE: KNEE to CHEST -LONG SIGHING EXHALE (Slow. Long. Relaxed.): Whole FOOT or HEEL to floor -Repeat:15-20/SIDE

Notice how you move and feel afterward. Any different than normal? Abs?

Practice DAILY as part of your normal routine and enjoy feeling better afterwards!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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