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BETTER Mobility…It’s NOT What You Think

As I age, I realize that I need to continue to “PUSH” the boundaries of my training…as always, SMART FIRST but put in the HARD WORK as well.




We all need to REST SMART in order to do what we want to do and love every day. Because if our ultimate goal is to age gracefully (moving and feeling better) we have to RECOVER!


And believe me, it gets more complicated as we get older;)


And, to improve our fitness in any way, shape, or form…our MOBILITY must be on point. In simple terms, we gotta be able to “turn” or ROTATE through our bodies in order to move and feel better.


So, this move will not only help you do that…but if you struggle with upper back, shoulder, and/or neck pain…then THIS MOVE IS FOR YOU!




Here’s what you’re gonna need:

-Clear/Comfortable/Quiet space

-Foam Roller

-Something for your head and neck 

🫁Breathing sequence:



Check out my video below. Sound ON! 🔊 

Here’s what you’re gonna do:-Lie on your side with the foam roller at chest height (NOT under your armpit!)-Roll forward until you feel some weight on your OUTSIDE BOTTOM KNEE

-BOTTOM ARM is as relaxed as possible

-Side bend over the roller. Your torso should be as close to parallel to the ground as comfortably as possible

🔑Be COMPLETELY RELAXED on the roller as possible-Head/Neck comfortable 

-Reach your TOP LEG forward (By slightly rolling forward)

-Reach your TOP ARM overhead, upward, aligning with your body (Palm forward)-Quiet NASAL INHALE. As you softly mouth exhale, MELT into the roller comfortably 

💡Focus on melting into the foam roller while exhaling 

-Practice:4-5rds x 5-7 breaths/each side x 1-2x DAILY


Notice how you move and feel afterward. Lighter? Looser? Any different at all? 

Practice DAILY as part of your EVERYDAY routine and enjoy feeling better afterward!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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