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10 Tips to Make Your Health and Fitness Journey a Miserable, Soul - Sucking Experience

Hi Fam! When I was a kid growing up, my mom made the BEST sandwiches...meatballs and you name it. Stuffed with anything and everything imaginable. This was about the only positive memory I have during that time of my life. I was an overweight kid with the best lunches;) And speaking of growing up, “disliking” my body was EASY during this time for me and I admit to this day can still be a struggle. If you’re like me and identify with one (or all) of these “tips,” you’re in fight against your body that you’ll lose EVERY TIME. Not to mention experiencing chronic dissatisfaction along the way. And it sucks. Believe me. So, this week’s email is a lot like my mom’s delicious sandwiches, only instead of meatballs...I’ve piled on a HEFTY dose of SARCASM for you. 😉 1️) Ping-pong endlessly between extremes of doing it all or doing nothing. Enjoyment and moderation are for fools. We know it’s about going all in or not even trying at all. It’s only way to make fitness worthwhile. 2) Your happiness and self-worth are directly proportional to your weight, body fat percentage, body shape, and your ability to achieve specific outcomes. If you don’t look a certain way or attain the “proper” body weight, your effort and accomplishments are all for nothing. 3) When you reach a goal, don’t be satisfied with your can always be stronger, leaner, and smaller. Always working towards the next training goal or new body part to improve means you’ll be chronically dissatisfied with your body and performance. But so be it. 4) Don’t conclude a workout until you’re exhausted. The closer you are to passing out, the better. Completing a workout feeling accomplished, strong, even energized? Come on! 5) With each passing year, dread your age. It doesn’t matter that age is a normal chronology of every living creature, a byproduct of not dying. 6) Actually label parts of your body as “flaws”. If by some chance you do love your body, then you better find some part of it to enhance or improve. 7) Constantly compare your body to others. “Fitness pros”, celebrities, professional athletes, Instagram models. These should absolutely be your measuring stick for success. 8) Complicate your approach to health and fitness as much as possible. If you don’t rely on fancy apps to keep your health and fitness habits on track, you can be sure you’re doing it wrong. 9) When you overindulge or miss a workout, self-flagellation is the only appropriate response. When you fall short of perfection, you must beat yourself up. Self-compassion is overrated. 10) Never be SARCASTIC in the way you talk about health and fitness. It’s a lazy way of expressing your opinions and experiences;) And it’s time for a change. Why does much of the health and fitness world cause us to dislike our bodies? More importantly, why do we put up with it? 🤔 💯We shouldn’t. We can CHOOSE to stop. To take a different health and fitness path. Change the narrative for yourself. Choose an empowering, enjoyable, and sustainable approach that makes you feel happy as well as healthy. Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike


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