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Good fitness training will help you feel strong, coordinated, flexible, and capable.

Good training won't wear you down. It WILL help you move better, with greater confidence.



How We Train 
At Longevity Personal Fitness we focus on the movements we do everyday: bending, reaching, rotating, squatting, pushing/pulling and construct exercises that strengthen our ability to do these tasks, challenging our motor control, strength, and coordination. Using our proven health science methodology focused on maintaining a high level of mental and physical function, our highly educated health and wellness professionals offer options that are safe, fun and beneficial.


What You Can Expect
We want you to exercise at our gym in a way that feels good and doesn't wear you down. We begin training our clients by conducting a simple, physical, full body assessment to determine which needs are most apparent and address those areas first. Your personal training sessions are then planned to progress week by week focusing on biomechanics, strength, functional movement and whole body health. All of our exercise patterns are constructed with a whole-body approach, rather than strengthening parts. You will never find us doing lower-body work one day and upper-body work another. Through all of this, we take into consideration the aging process and its implications on exercise.


We will …


1. Provide personalized training that meets you where you are and moves you where you want to be. 


2. Coach you in getting stronger, flexible, and more capable in body and mind.


3. Challenge your body and mind to move in ways you didn’t think possible and to find growth in learning.

4. Make your fitness training functional to help you in real life activities. We are not training you to lift weights to make you a good weight trainer. We are training you to do the things you want to do with ease and enjoyment.

5. Not push you beyond what is safe or beyond what you need. We are not here to punish you by working you to fatigue.

6. We will adapt the training as your body adapts and be real about what true health and fitness looks like FOR YOU. Realistic training for real bodies.

Client Reviews for Longevity Personal Fitness Training
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