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This is NOT a Core Exercise!


We think we just want to be more flexible…right? I hear it all the time…”I just need to stretch more”. And this is rooted in the conventional wisdom of just stretching what’s tight and strengthening what’s weak. But a very limited view at that:)

What needs to be understood is that when we feel sore and stiff, we just automatically blame our muscles…but that’s NOT the case.

There are no bad muscles. They only do want they are told based on the shape of our body structure and the demands (Gravity) placed on it.

💥Truth Bomb: ✔️You don’t need to roll out or stretch more. ✔️It’s not your Sacroiliac joint, Piriformis, or Iliotibial band. ✔️Your core isn’t weak

So, what does this all mean? Well, I’m glad you asked! Because, if we can manipulate the shape of our structure and the demands placed on it…we can manipulate what our muscles are doing.

This move I have for you today, will REDUCE MUSCULAR TENSION and absolutely improve your motion…wherever you need it.

🔑 REMEMBER: This is NOT a core exercise or workout!

Our GOAL: Reduce overall body tension

As always thank you friend and mentor, Zac Cupples, for the inspiration behind this move.

Here’s what you’re gonna need:

-Comfortable/Clear space

-Something for your head and neck

Here’s what your gonna do: As demonstrated…

-Start in a RIGHT-SIDE LYING position

-Head on cushion/pillow. BOTTOM LEG straight. BOTTOM ARM bent. Palm up.

-TOP LEG forward/downward as demonstrated. KNEE below hip. FOOT on the ground.

-TOP ARM grips underside rib cage gently, but firmly.

🌬️ FULL MOUTH EXHALE to get rid of some stale air.



-TOP KNEE moves FIRST as demonstrated.

-LET GO at the end of the roll (Best you can!)

-NASAL ONLY breathing throughout

-10-12 rolls/SIDE

🔑 Think about pulling the rib cage up gently and lifting the knee up as you do it.

💥No tension. You don’t want to feel muscles working. This is NOT a core exercise!

Transition: Slow NASAL breathing

-Sit or lie down comfortably for 3-5 minutes and practice just following your breath.

Practice DAILY and enjoy feeling good afterwards!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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