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Longevity Warm-Up For Super - Tight Body Types

Are you stiff, tight, sore, all me? ;)

Then this warm-up is for you! And you actually can use it as a cool down or my favorite, as a “stand alone” recovery day session (I have 2 or 3 during a normal week).

Don’t blow off this type of training...remember, this type of restorative strength work creates a foundation that just makes you BETTER! It addresses the limitations we ALL HAVE in movement.

And as an added bonus...think of it as a moment in time that we can just come back to the present by simply paying attention to our body...because, as you know, we all live our lives on autopilot.

Here’s what you’ll need: - Comfortable/clear space - Maybe a mat - Maybe a cushion or pillow for behind your neck/head That’s it!

🏋🏼Super Tight: PURSED LIP exhale (blowing out birthday candles).

Here’s what you’re gonna do...

FIRST and FOREMOST you HAVE TO STACK = Subtle Posterior Pelvic Tilt + Your Exhale... - Pelvic TUCK (Un-arch lower back) - EXHALE (Specific to your build) - 3-5 sec pause (HOLD your breath/can you feel the slight ab tension?) - INHALE with that ab tension! - REACH (Keep shoulders off the floor. NO NECK!) Practice: Inhale with ab tension. Exhale & Reach x 10 full breaths

1) HL OH Reach:

- Press feet into ground

- Subtle tuck of the hips (roll hips towards your head. lower back heavy into ground)

- Exhale and reach overhead (shoulder blades off the ground!)

- Hold position and breath there

- 5-7 breaths

2) Side Lying:

- Press feet against wall

- Block between knees (don’t squeeze!)

- Subtle tuck of the hips (think belt buckle to chin)

- Hold this position and breathe there

- 5-7 breaths/side

3) OH Walk-Out Hold:

- As much of your feet against the wall as possible

- Knees under hips

- Subtle tuck of the hips (belt buckle to chin)

- Arms overhead. Wider than shoulders (keep your tuck. don’t shrug shoulders!)

- Hold this position and breathe there

- 5-7 breaths

4) 1/2 Kneeling Reach:

- Tall through upper back/neck (head over down knee)

- Subtle tuck of the hips (think back pockets pulled towards heels)

- EXHALE: push ground away with up leg. Reach long arm forward, bent elbow back

- Chest stays parallel to whatever’s in front of you

- 5-7 breaths/side

5) High Squat Hold/Low Reach:

- Heels elevated

- Tall trough upper back and neck

- Subtle tuck of the hips (think belt buckle to chin. hips under head)

- Hold position and breathe there

- INHALE: notice what’s stretching on your backside

- EXHALE: reach arms LONG downward. Drive heels downward

- 5-7 breaths

TRY THIS! Let me know how you feel afterwards:) Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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