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NO CORE without the Pelvic Floor!

This week I want to speak directly to my “Loosey-Goosey” folks 🤸. Those of you who feel SUPER LOOSE and BENDY all over…built narrowly through your pelvis and rib cage. Men and women alike, you tend to be more COMPRESSED or STIFF in your posterior pelvic floor. And you’ll usually feel stiffness in your lower back and hips with potentially chronically sore quadriceps.

Not to “nerd” out on you too much…but our ability to orient and reorient the pelvis (think “arching and un-arching” your lower back) is critical for creating better movement and more movement options…or not.

And this action MUST come from the HAMSTRINGS (the muscles behind the legs). But for a lot of these folks, it’s the Rectus Abdominis muscle (think “6-pack”) that usually dominates and takes over this movement… and inefficiently at best.

Here’s the issue, once the Rectus fatigues… the deep posterior pelvic floor takes over and the glutes get clenched. Because this just isn’t sustainable…COMPENSATION takes place. And we don’t want this:(

I see this pattern frequently with my Pilates folks (I refer to this phenomenon as the “Pilates Pull”) and I also see it with folks who perform A LOT of crunches, sit-ups, planks, bridges. Not a criticism, it just happens when there is too much ab work done in general, thus the compensation.

So, what’s the solution? We need HAMSTRINGS!!! They are strong, powerful muscles that create SUSTAINABLE…and I will go so far as to say… ”natural“ support of the pelvis.

✔️To my Pilates and ab folks! You just need to give your ABS permission to LET GO!!! And as your hamstrings get stronger and take over, they’ll do just that. You’ll move and feel better for it!

💥Of course, if you haven’t moved in a while or never for that matter, I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND that you be ASSESSED by a professional FIRST! Because if you’re not being assessed, then your training is being guessed;)

If you’re new to my approach to longevity…try this FIRST: Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Comfortable/Clear space -Chair/Ottoman/Bench

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

-Lie comfortably on your back

-Knees positioned over your hips

-Feet flexed (Toes pulled towards shins)

-BELLY RELAXED!!! LET GO the best you can. Think “Jelly Belly”.

💥Initially, you probably won’t be able to “sense” that…so please use your hands to get some feedback if necessary.

-DRAG your HEELS DOWNWARD into the box or whatever you're using. Feel HAMSTRINGS!? You should feel some tightening behind the legs!

🔑Keep your HAMSTRINGS on throughout this sequence:


-LONG SILENT INHALE: Think about filling your torso SLOWLY from the bottom up, like a cup. Do you notice your LOWER ABS (below your belly button), expanding FIRST? Most likely not initially. But PRACTICE!

-LONG SIGHING FULL MOUTH EXHALE: Like you’re “fogging a glass”.

💥You should hear yourself and feel a bit uncomfortable by the end of each exhale:)

✔️Repeat for 5 minutes.


-LONG SILENT INHALE: Un-arch lower back (Tuck). Feel lower back against the ground here.

-LONG SIGHING FULL MOUTH EXHALE: Arch lower back (Untuck)


💥Keep HAMSTRINGS on the whole time!

✔️Repeat 15x/each direction x 2-3rds

Simple…but DEFINITELY NOT EASY. Practice as part of your DAILY maintenance or warm-up/cool down.

Enjoy moving and feeling better afterwards! Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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