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Longevity Warm-Up For Loosey - Goosey Body Types

Are you the “bendy” type? Then this warm-up is for you! And you actually can use it as a cool down or as a “stand alone” recovery day session (I have 2 or 3 during a normal week).

Please don’t blow off this type of training...remember, this type of restorative strength work creates a foundation that just makes you BETTER! It addresses the shape our body assumes (, and the limitations we ALL HAVE in movement.

And as an added bonus...I think of it as a moment in time that we can just come back to the present by simply paying attention to our body...because, as you know, we all live our lives on autopilot. Here’s what you’ll need: - Comfortable/clear space - Maybe a mat - Maybe a cushion or pillow for behind your neck/head- Chair - Wall - Book - Block of some sort That’s it! 🤸‍♂️Loosely- Goosey: LONG Sighing exhale (fogging a glass). Here’s what you’re gonna do... FIRST and FOREMOST you HAVE TO STACK = Subtle Posterior Pelvic Tilt + Your Exhale... - Pelvic TUCK (Un-arch lower back) - EXHALE (Specific to your build) - 3-5 sec pause (HOLD your breath/can you feel the slight ab tension?) - INHALE with that ab tension! - REACH (Keep shoulders off the floor. NO NECK!) Practice: Inhale with ab tension. Exhale & Reach x 10 full breaths

1️⃣ 90/90 Reach: - Dig heels downward into chair - SUBTLE pelvic tuck (low back kissing the ground) - EXHALE/REACH to get abs (feel that slight ab tension?) - You want distance between hands and rib cage (own that new range of motion) - Hold position and breathe there: 5-7 breaths 2️⃣ Bear Elbows: - As much of your feet as possible against wall - Knees under hips/Elbows under shoulders (look between thumbs) - SUBTLE pelvic tuck - EXHALE and gently push ground away with JUST your upper body (NO crunching!) - With each exhale sense yourself moving away from the ground (own new range of motion) - Hold position and breathe there: 5-7 breaths 3️⃣ 1/2 Kneeling Alternate Reaches: - Tall through your upper back/neck - Head over down knee - SUBTLE pelvic tuck (pull “back pockets” to rear heel) - INHALE: reach 1 arm forward - EXHALE: “pull” arm back - Alternate arms…8/side 4️⃣ Toe Touch to Squat Hold: - Heels elevated/Block between knees - EXHALE: toe touch - INHALE: squat to sticking point (knees shoot out over toes comfortably) - Hold that spot and breathe there: 3 breaths (that’s enough!) TRY THIS! Let me know how you feel afterwards:) Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike


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