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Lifting, Loading, and Unloading Stuff

Hi Fam!

I want to talk to you about LIFTING, LOADING, AND UNLOADING STUFF! And this week our goal is to mirror our everyday positions and actions that strengthen the muscles responsible for them. Just think about how often we need to lift “stuff” off of or out of something every day. Pulling and lifting from awkward angles that require bending and twisting... Like loading and unloading groceries or trying to help with a child or grandchild out of or into a car seat. All sorts of contortions and potential for unwanted injury! This is the second task out of three that I consider crucial for moving well, feeling good, and improving our quality of life. (In case you missed it, here’s my video for #1 GETTING UP OFF THE GROUND.) For today’s video here’s what you’re gonna need: A comfortable space. A chair or platform about knee height. And something with weight that challenges you, but NOT beyond your capabilities. I’m using the new 15 pound bag of kitty litter from this week’s grocery store trip. Here’s what you’re gonna do:


• Exhale with a LONG sighing breath (fogging a glass)

• Exhaling x 10

• Exhale with a Pause x 10 (feel that small tension in your lower abs?)

• Exhale with Ab Tension: 3 x 2

• Hip Tucking/Untucking x 10/each way

• Hip Lift x 12

REMEMBER: Start where you are and do what you can. Go as far as you can, but I want you to move safely. PROGRESS takes as long as it takes have to earn it:)

Lift object off of chair and then back onto chair (platform) x 8-12 times/2-3 rounds

As you get stronger and feel more confident doing so....

- Lift the object off of then back onto floor x 8-12 times/2-3rounds

2-3x/week should do it! Let me know how you feel afterwards. This work, my work, is deceptively hard and designed to help you make an ongoing lifestyle change. I want you to be stronger and more capable to do what you want to and love.

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike


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