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Get Your Lymphatic MOJO Moving!

Hi Fam!

I want to talk to you about the lymphatic system. It's a network of tissues, vessels, and organs that work together with our circulatory system and involves blood, lymph, and interstitial tissue.

This system is not usually “trained”...but ABSOLUTELY should be because it’s extremely important in transporting waste away from our cells and delivering nutrients to all of our cells...think REAL detox here.

All the credit for this information and work goes to Dr. Perry Nickelston and his “Lymphatic Mojo”training series. Once I learned this practice, I have incorporated it into my daily routine for about three years now and LOVE it!

And, I TOTALLY credit this work for playing a big part in my rapid recovery from vascular surgery last November...without a doubt.

It takes me less than 3 minutes to do and improves circulation and lymphatic movement... enhancing our health and longevity. I incorporate this every morning....and before/after training. It’s that important and it only takes about 3 minutes. I find it totally energizing...waking up my body first thing in the morning, aiding in my recovery, or after sitting for long periods of time.

I highly recommend adding this practice to your routine because when combined with how we manage pressure in our bodies and move in lots of different patterns and ways during our training sessions, it’s just a natural fit.

Think about it this way...we’re getting our cardiovascular system moving, fluids moving, BEFORE we even start training. So when you actually start moving...lymph, blood, and interstitial fluid just move better.

Fair Warning: Initially you might feel a bit “off” afterwards...I did. It’s your body “detoxing” because any of these areas can get “blocked” with waste buildup. Believe me, it’s very subtle if it happens at all.


Getting the blood flowing in the right order...ORDER MATTERS!

(We have to go with the flow of the fluid.)

1) Below Collarbones (R,L)

2) Behind ears (R,L)

3) Chest/Shoulder junction (R,L)

4) Belly

5) Hip Flexors

6) Behind knees

Here’s what you’re gonna do at each point:

✔️ RUB...TAP...5x each

✔️ PULL x 3

❗️Apply MEDIUM pressure...initially, little or as much as you want.

For the purpose of time...the first 3 points of contact, I demonstrate only one both right and left!!!


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