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EVERYTHING starts with the FEET!

Aging gracefully requires SMART work. Notice, I didn’t say hard work? That’s because it’s not about that at all. I know because I manage my friggin pain daily.

Pain is an unfortunate reality for many of us, especially those with long-term chronic pain. I’ve had foot, knee, hip, and low back pain (mostly on my right side) for the last 45 years and counting. And unfortunately, I'm all too familiar with how painful flair-ups can be. Pain can get in the way of our day-to-day activities and keep us from our favorite pastimes.

What I have for you today is my “go-to” method for moving and feeling good daily…and it all starts with our FEET!

First things first…STOP all the “MOBILITY” and “FLEXIBILITY” drills that we’re inundated with to try to loosen up and stretch out! It DOESN’T work. Because the KEY to improving our movement…to do what we want to do and love every day…is to PRODUCE FORCE into the GROUND. Simple. But, not easy.

For example, take a simple activity like walking (It’s not really…but out of the scope of this newsletter). Basically, our torso and legs move in opposite directions…known as “relative motion”. Thank you Zac Cupples.

When we lack relative motion, we ultimately feel stiff, sore, and even in pain. This is where our feet can help because our foot has to rotate, which increases our motion through our pelvis and hips. And as an added benefit, this action gets our pelvis and rib cage in a better position. All crucial for moving and feeling good!

So, our feet play an “intimate” role in the two most common shapes our bodies adopt in order to withstand gravity to keep us upright and moving forward:

1)Folks whose hips and lower back are constantly “pushing forward” or SQUEEZED.


2)Those of us (like me) whose hips and lower back are constantly “arched” or STIFF.

With all that…let’s get started!

Here’s what you’re gonna need: -Clear/Comfortable space. Wall space. -Something for your head/neck -Yoga block/Towel Here’s what you’re gonna do:

🔑Find your 2 FOOT CONTACTS: 1) INSIDE HEEL 2) BASE of BIG TOE 💥You’re just SENSING them. It takes time and consistent effort to get there.

👣Keep pressure on both feet throughout…like a 2/3 on a scale of 10.

🔑BREATHING Sequence: ✔️FULL MOUTH EXHALE at the start to get rid of some stale air 👃SILENT NASAL INHALE




😴Rest your eyes if you wish.

Check out my video below. 🔊 Sound ON!

If you’re SQUEEZED: -On your RIGHT SIDE. Feet flat on the wall in front of you. Gently hold something between your lower legs. Feet, knees, and hips, same line. -Find your FOOT CONTACTS! -Abs relaxed! -Hold this position and breathe ✔️Practice: 5rds x 5 breaths

If your STIFF: -Feet flat on the ground. Gently hold something between your knees. Feet, knees, and hips, same line. -Find your FOOT CONTACTS! -Abs relaxed! -Hold this position and breathe ✔️Practice: 5rds x 5 breaths Notice how you move and feel afterward. Better? Same? Different? Practice DAILY and enjoy feeling good afterward! Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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