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Choosing The Right Exercise For YOU!

There are many different strategies and tactics that I use when choosing the right exercises, at the right time, for my clients. Of course, all this comes out during my assessment process, because if I don’t assess, then I’m just guessing...and that’s not going to help you to get where you want to go.

With that being said, there’s one that I really like that helps me decide what exercise is going to be the best, most appropriate for YOU... RIGHT NOW. So, now the question you need to ask yourself is... Are you more “Loosey-Goosey” or “SUPER Tight” me:)

Are you “built” more like this...

🤸🏼 Loosey-Goosey:

- Can you bring your thumb to your forearm?

- Does your pinky bend way back?

- Are you hyperextended at the knees and elbows?

- Overall...are your joints are just super loose?

OR like this...

🏋🏻 Super Tight:


Both bodies are completely NORMAL... We just need different things when it comes to selecting the best exercises for our build.

Here’s what you’re gonna do...


- Pelvic Tuck (Un-arch lower back)

- Exhale (Specific to your build)

- 3-5 sec pause

- Inhale with ab tension

- Reach (Keep shoulders off the floor. NO NECK!)



Supine 1-Arm Reach:

- EXHALE: LONG sighing breath (like fogging a glass)

- Press the floor away with your feet

- Reach your knees away from your head (you’re TUCKED!)

- Exhale and Reach...GET ABS!

- Hold this position and breathe in this position: 2-3rds x 5-7 breaths


Sink Squat Hold:

- EXHALE: PURSED lip (like blowing out birthday candles)

- Heels elevated slightly (use a book)

- Position: CONFIRM your grip!

1) Tall through upper back and neck (trust fall back)

2) Hips under head (tuck back pockets to your heels)

- Hold this position and breathe in this position: 2-3rds x 5-7 breaths

Questions? Happy to help! Let me know how you feel afterwards. I’d love to know:) Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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