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Changing Your Perspective

Hi Fam!

The amazing thing about perspective is that we can always CHANGE it. Especially when it’s a new way of approaching our health and fitness. In many ways, shifting perspectives is the gift 2020 put upon us -- asking us to be open to change. As uncomfortable as it is for all of us, our ability to do so creates space for learning and growing. Simply, getting better.

So, when it comes to perspective and changing it… we begin to see that what happens to us is really our perception of it, rather than what ACTUALLY happened.

The same is true regarding our health and longevity. We have ideas about what we can or can’t do. We define ourselves by past or current injuries. Maybe we've even made up our minds when it comes to what pain is and what it feels like.

But, we have the ability to think differently and move forward. We can open to a new PERSPECTIVE about ourself, our health, our fitness, and I think most importantly, what we're truly capable of right now.

Moving with mindful intention will not only help you move and feel better, but by CHANGING the narrative about what a workout should look and feel like, you will become stronger to do the things you want to do and love.

For those of you working with us on Zoom, I bet you had all kinds of doubts about it being worth your while. But, you opened to the possibility and your perspective changed. Look at that! Let's keep seeing from different angles and in the process get stronger.

Something to think about...hope you enjoyed!

Dedicated to Your Health and Longevity,



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