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Hi Fam!

A question I’m often asked is... ”Is there anything I can do every day to help me relax? Yes, there is.

Because A LOT of us have difficulty regulating our nervous system, we can get stuck in “FIGHT or FLIGHT” mode. For a variety of reasons, this could be from our circumstances, struggling with persistent pain, or suffering from chronic disease and being in the midst of a flair-up.

Whatever the reason, to successfully REDUCE TENSION in our bodies, we really need to pay attention...SERIOUSLY. That’s because our ability to relax and decompress (destress) requires our undivided attention.

So, this practice should be performed in a QUIET SPACE that is as free of distractions as possible (phone, tv, kids, responsibilities, etc.)

Because if we can reduce our unique body tension and stress…this will allow our nervous system to settle down. Even if it's just a little bit.

And ROLLING is a practice that gives our brain and body a feeling of safety.

Being curled up is safe.

Sensing the body on the ground feels safe.

Moving in rhythm feels safe.

Being low to the ground feels safe.

And when we feel safe, we can let our guard down so our bodies and brains can relax. Getting out of the feeling of being constantly on guard or in "fight or flight" mode.

What I have for you today is one of my favorite rolls. I really like it at the end of a training session, but I enjoy it at the time of the day:) Check it out!

Here’s what you’re gonna need:

-Clear/Comfortable space.

-Something for your head/neck

-Bath/Beach towel

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

🌬️FULL MOUTH EXHALE at the start of the roll to get rid of some stale air

👃NASAL ONLY breathing throughout. 😴

Be your BEST LAZY SELF when performing this roll. EFFORTLESS.

✔️Move as one unit

✔️Rest your eyes if you wish.


Check out my video below. 🔊Sound ON!

-Start in a RIGHT-SIDE LYING position.

-HEAD positioned over your SHOULDERS, positioned over your HIPS.

-TOP ARM grips underside rib cage gently but firmly as far back as you can.

-Head on cushion/pillow. BOTTOM LEG straight. BOTTOM ARM bent. Palm up.

-TOP LEG forward/downward as demonstrated. KNEE below hip. FOOT on the ground.

-TOP KNEE hovers off the ground BELOW TOP HIP.

-TOP FOOT stays on the ground as long as possible.

🔑Think NOSE, CHEST, “ZIPPER” SAME LINE. Everything moves as one unit together.

💡 Pulling the rib cage up gently and lifting the knee up together simultaneously.

👃NASAL INHALE as you roll.

-NASAL EXHALE as you finish rolling and just LET GO (Best you can!)

-Reset after each roll and repeat: 8-10x/SIDE

🧘 Transition into your day: Slow NASAL breathing

-Lie down comfortably (Side, Belly, or Back), for 3-5 minutes and practice just following your breath. Notice how you move and feel afterward. Lighter? Looser? Any different?

Practice DAILY as part of your EVERYDAY routine and enjoy feeling better afterward!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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