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Your Mindful Move #3: Hip Lift vs Glute Bridge

Hi Fam!

In this episode I make the distinction between a Hip Lift and a Glute Bridge. It's BIG! Waaay too often our lower back does the "heavy lifting" during the glute bridge and we get hurt. Arching, plain and simple, creates a lot of wear and tear through our lumbar spine, leaving us more susceptible to injuring our lower back. If you REALLY want to feel and strengthen your hamstrings and glutes, and stop beating yourself up, give this a shot! 

Here's what you're gonna do:

Remember, breathing dictates the pace of our movement. So SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION! I'm looking for a longer exhale then you normally would.

  • Press both feet into your book/riser. Imagine you're pushing the ground away from you. This action creates and controls the hip lift. If you get distracted, bring your attention to the bottom of your feet and push.

  • Execute a hip lift: INHALE: roll your hips toward your head until SLIGHTLY off the ground (hand width). Notice what muscles you feel working:) EXHALE: lower hips to ground. Allow your feet to control the movement. Then unroll hips towards your feet. Practice 12 reps.

  • Hip Lift ISO Hold: hold position for one full breath cycle. 3 breaths x 2 rds.

IMPORTANT: If the Hip Lifts challenge you, stay there and keep getting stronger. When you feel confident and strong, (and you will), then and ONLY then, progress to the ISO Holds. REMEMBER, REAL WORK is HARD work, and PROGRESS is EARNED! Questions? Happy to help.


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