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Your Mindful Move #2

Hi Fam!

In this episode, we start building the “Stack." Think of it this way... the stack is our foundation for feeling good and moving well. Period. Plain and simple. If you can’t stack, you’re limiting your ability to move well and do the things you want to do. I don’t care how active you currently are, if you don't have "the stack," you’re restricted, knowingly or not. Especially, if you’re around my age! Think persistent fatigue, tightness, soreness, and of course PAIN. Basically, the stack is our pelvic diaphragm stacked under our thoracic diaphragm. Simple, but NOT easy to accomplish. That’s why I spend sooo much time coaching it. 

As we age, movement options get taken away from us subtlety over time. Trust me, I KNOW. But we don’t realize it until we start losing it. So don’t wait. I want you to be proactive with your strength and health. Practice what I share in the video below. You're worth it!


Here’s what you’re gonna do:

  • Remember, breathing dictates the pace of our movement. So SLOW DOWN. I’m looking for you to exhale longer than you normally would

  • Rock and Roll your hips: x 12 reps: INHALE: move hips towards your head. EXHALE: move hips away from your head.

  • Hip Lifts: x 12 reps: INHALE: roll your hips towards your head until SLIGHTLY off the ground (hand width). Notice what muscles you feel working:) EXHALE: lower hips to ground. Allow you feet to control the movement. Then unroll hips towards your feet.

IMPORTANT! If you feel your lower back working STOP. NO ARCHING!! That’s it. Practice daily. Don’t rush through this. If you feel challenged at any point, and you should, stay there until you feel comfortable and more confident with the move. Then move on. Remember, PROGRESS IS EARNED! Questions? Happy to help.


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